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Des chercheurs grenoblois ont eu une idée originale : empêcher un réseau Wi-Fi d'être piraté, grâce à un...
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Not sure if that's antisocial or a good way to prevent interference/wifi pollution.
The picture looks like toilet paper. On first glance, I was pretty sure this was meant to block wifi signals from my nethers.
+Justin Carlson in urban areas you can get so many APs and clients on a single channel that the collision domain approaches saturation and network quality for everyone degrades. if everyone lined their "exterior" walls with this stuff (assuming it works as advertised) there would be a lot more room in densely packed areas for more APs and clients.
edit: this tends to happen with ISPs who ship wifi routers preconfigured with one channel.
lol +J. R. Skola . I suppose when the aliens probe you that would be a great place to place a tracking device. Tricky aliens!
wifi blocking TP is a must for any paranoid alien/government/secret society believer :P
+Paul Shirey this could also be used on panels or to line the inside of rollup blinds. i'd bet it can even be installed behind/on the backside of drywall before it's hung.
(hehe ... wifi isolated drawer by using this as drawer liner :P)
It absorbs the WiFi spectrum, but not other frequencies. They say it can be used on ceilings and floors too for better protection.
Plain foil may not attenuate as deeply as this if the pattern actually behaves as a tuned circuit. If it is frequency selective, then your cell phone would still work, or your AM/FM radio. Only testing would tell. For real attenuation, the room would have to be wrapped (walls, ceiling, floor), windows covered, doors treated and coupled to the walls. RF will leak through structures in weird ways. We have a dozen 'screen rooms' at work, and they are complex beasts.
Re: Toilet paper & Wifi. I did a wifi site survey many moons ago for a small company. I found that about 20 metres away (60 feet) from the test AP I brought with me, the signal dropped out whenever I walked behind a specific pallet of toilet paper. Signal was strong thru cyclone fencing, walls with lots of rebar and pipes, and a large pallet of liquid bleach at that distance. But this one damn pallet of toilet paper - no signal. Made no sense, so we simply accepted it and moved on.
Cool stuff. Where can consumers purchase a roll?
Ken, toilet paper is available at many supermarkets and big-box stores. Not usually by the pallet, though.
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