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'Terminator' arm is world's most advanced prosthetic limb

A father who lost his arm in an accident six years ago has been given a new lease of life by a hi-tech bionic hand which is so precise he can type again. Nigel Ackland, 53, has been fitted with the Terminator-like carbon fibre mechanical hand which he can control with movements in his upper arm. The new bebionic3 myoelectric hand, which is also made from aluminium and alloy knuckles, moves like a real human limb by responding to Nigel's muscle twitches. Incredibly, the robotic arm is so sensitive it means the father-of-one can touch type on a computer keyboard, peel vegetables, and even dress himself for the first time in six years.
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serously im going to cut off my arm and get thaat...jk...maybe
The egg and beer demonstration was magnificent!
okay i was about to go through the computer and bitch slap you
Wow... that's all I have to say. Science is amazing. We're getting better and better and fixing our own shortcomings.
Wonderful use of many technologies.
Wouldn't that technology make a great robot? Hmmm...
Why does he still need a bottle opener when he has a terminator arm? He should be able to just twist the cap right off. (c:
I'm not that impressed, wrist only rotates and no thumb pivot movement (which is what makes a thumb a thumb). This tech is few years old, when they can duplicate full thumb and wrist movement I'll be impressed. 
+Garrett Graham I'm sure you'd be impressed if you were missing your right hand.  That's fairly nice as prosthesis go - no bulky power pack to lug around.  A measure of normalcy.  This is the kind of thing I dreamed about providing for amputee friends back in the 90's but had to go in a different career direction.  So glad to see something like this is available.
Steve Austin sells Chevy's in a town near here...
The beer test... most important test on a mans life.  Amazing!
+Jerry Carter are you forgetting that these still cost thousands of dollars and people can't afford them? This is definitely not something that is "available". Awesome that this one guy has a prototype and has the some functionality of a hand, but as said this is hardly normal; in the video he was having to move the thumb manually pretty often.

Also, nowhere even on their site does it refer to power consumption and battery life; I doubt very highly it will last through usage of normal hour a hand goes through.
just awesome and shows our technological advances
I prefer to use a different term: "Luke Skywalker" arm!
That is really amazing. Quite a progression from the standard hook hand. I hope one day everyone who as a need for it could get something like this. 
thats pretty awesome and clever
Less terminator, more Deus Ex: Human Revolution
The "Beer grip" is the best! Crazy cool though...
it reminded me of Deus EX: HuMAn revolution
They got the most important part right, to be able to open and poor a beer, and enjoy it!!!.. 
Fantastic! He's like Luke Skywalker's brother!
This is awesome!!! 
Matt V
Cool but that beep is annoying. 
He's suppose to hold the beer bottle in his good hand and open it with his bionic hand. No need for bottle opener.
Hats up to the advance science 
that is really cool
I'd give my right arm for one of those...
that is awesome, injured soldiers could use it!
Awesome what they can do for people who have had terrible accidents  etc.. Last but not least, pouring a cold beer... ;)
Is the human hand really the best form to go after? I mean it does not look human anyway, so why not build something capable of more than just grabbing and pointing. Almost everything he showed would have been possible with 3 fingers anyway.

Nevertheless i am happy for the guy :)
Man can enjoy beer. Thats it then, it's as far as innovation needs to go.
Wow it is amazing how easily he uses it. If I keep watching this I will forget that is a robotic arm.
Soon It'll do a Transformers and be Able to change into a Plasma Cannon <3
He is going to have the greatest Jet Black costume for Halloween next year.
+Joe Nerdan as the nerves (they do nerve attachment surgies sometimes for these) and muscles are orignally for a hand, anything else would be more difficult to attempt to design and control.
this could change the world as we know it
As engineering goes it is pretty slick, but I predict that in 20 years we will be able to stimulate our own cells enough so that we can just regrow a lost arm.
So cool and a great relief for him and his family :-) 
You people have never heard of the deka arm, have you?
Now he just needs to learn the force and build a lightsaber.
I'm amazed by how primitive robotics and prosthetics still are. After decades of research and development, we still can't even approach the versatility and strength of flesh and bone. Our technology is still so very primitive. Maybe in 50-100 years we'll finally achieve cybernetics rivaling or exceeding the usefulness of human limbs, but for now we're just scratching the palest surface of what's possible.
Plasma rifle in the 40 Watt range.
I am very sorry for his loss, (but that robotic arm is so cool!)
I wish I were him. That I will grab every man by the throat. What a Technological hand system. 
He needs to cut a hole in the wrist for his iPhone! This is like a real-life power gauntlet! O_O
Cool! Hey guys go to youtube and type in Emmanuel Bracero; like and comment it! You'll love it! Hmmm
Do I smell a RoboCop remake? This is insane!
awesome they invented a new arm
Can he flip someone off with it too? And if there is a software glitch and it just starts flipping everyone off?..  Perfect for traffic!
The Is So Positive, Great Story About Hi-tech Bionic Hand Wear
What about the " G. I Joe Kung Fu grip" ?
Omg. So cool. Its amazing what today's technology is like.
I think I might just cut off my arm!
Absolutely amazing. I am glad it's helping him out.
There need to give our War Veterans for free for the service they did.
Wow one of the best posts i have seen in a while. So many soldiers and accident victims and countless others will benefit from technology like this. 
Thats really cool actually. Congrats dude.
I bet this dude has one heck of a handshake
Wow that's really a second chance in life. Looks awesome. 
All this still needs is a way to control it with nerves for full functionality :)
And science says: "how has your religion improved the world today?". Lol. Awesome technology. 
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That is the most incredible thing I've seen all year
lol "this is the one that scares my wife"
Fantastic, some very exciting developments in this area all the time!
reminds me of Jet off of Cowboy Bebop
The mature part of me is amazed by such great technology
The immature part was waiting for him to give the robotic middle finger :) 
Ryan Ng
Looks a little uncomfortable.
Fanbloodytastic! Wish some of these commentors would 'get a grip'........on reality!! Or is it just some 'armless fun??!
that is so cool the porson ho made that must be a genues
Can he crush the beer bottle with his hands?  or the bionic hand also limits the crushing force?

Still, it's amazing. Awesome!
why is it so damn loud.. its 2012 for crying out loud
Wow, technology and the pace for which it is set is a fantastic achievement of mankind! Lives are changed and saved everyday - keep dreaming , keep thinking, keep that entrepreneurial spirit alive, what we can no do today we will be able to do tomorrow 
Now we just need to figure out tactile sensation.
wow... amazing control of strength and amazing show of dexterity...I think we might be getting some robotic Arnold Schwarzeneggers from the future running around soon!
I want to see him crush something! 
Good for him... But how much did it cost lol
I never asked for this...but that's rad.
Great. What's next?     ?   ?
Isn't modern technology wonderful, all the very best to this man and his future!
soooo coool i want two  on both arms but probaly 100000$ for both
That's freaking awesome!
your arm looks might tight in their
wonderful but still need some more work on it. Hopefully in near future that can help all human who loss their limb.
This is cool. But i wonder what he thinks about it?
Adam K
Xmas gift anyone?
the sound it make kinda creeps me out.
I have to find a way to get one for my brother
I wonder what damage of a punch will it do..
That is amazing!!! Think about how many war veterans you could help! They can have normal lives!
Why did he use a bottle opener! should have just popped it off with robot arm lol
What is a good to develop a brain to end ignorance,
All great, but probably costs tens of thousands of dollars, and until everyone who has lost an arm can wear one of these, I won't be impressed.
"Yeah. I'm thinking of getting metal legs. It's a risky operation, but it'll be worth it."
a you just got to remimber the oboma wealth care program
i might just cut off my hand just to try that. wait no probily not
Kinda looks like C3PO's arm, but nevertheless - I have to HAND it to you technology: you have done it again!
that i think is fake i could see it is not actually a robot arm
He should have rotated hid wrist to pour the beer. Lol
can they make me a prosthetic leg like that?
How much does one if these cost? My friend lost both his arms in an electrocution accident with power lines. I am interested in getting him info for this so he doesn't have to walk around with hooks.
Controlled by muscle instead of nerve? Maybe someday we can control our brain with muscle, too...
I swear I heard PAC man sounds when he outed that beer.

I also couldn't help but wonder how that hand feels on....
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Love being a witness to the evolution of prosthetics. It's amazing to see how much we have progressed and excited about what the future holds. 
Incredible. This i why I'm in love with technology!
:-) Good story.  Reminds me more of a Star Wars bit of tech and Luke's arm after being chopped of by his old man!!!
I wouldn't call it a terminator arm its the future of "artificial limps for our loved ones "
Too good, please improve thumb and just awesome!
amazing, thanks for sharing this
"This is a relaxed if you're walking down the straight it looks like a normal hand"....yeah, because if I saw that hand with fingers extended straight out it might give away the fact that it's a
Having lost my right foot i can see how great this is for people who need a prosthetic. when they have one for the feet i would like one too.
Can it shoot lasers? I only want it with lasers.
This brought tears to my eyes. this is evolution... In every way shape and form.
That is really cool :/
super cool..i also want that arm..pls..can i have that?
i was almost convinced he was going to stick his hand in that bowl of eggs and beat them as well cause that would be awesome. Puts a new meaning in term iron chef
gud but its not gud as natural
WOW! Coming SOON to a "Sharper Image" NEAR you! The "Six Million Dollar Man" is ALMOST so YESTERDAY!!! This INNOVATION in Prosthetics is the BEST technology has to OFFER, but it BEGS the QUESTION...What NEXT in the PIPELINE??? I can only IMAGINE!!! Bravo to the GENTLEMAN who is "Beta" TESTING the arm! Again, WOW! Ciao. 
This is amazing... What about the bowling ball grip, two in the pink and one in the... lol, couldn't resist :-)
I think Robocop would be more accurate.
GREAT!!! and SkyNet LOL... kind a scary thought 
I see a similar leg before on one video. Now comes the harm.
How long do we need to wait for a artificial brain?
That was AMAZING!! We need this for all our wounded veterans.
PLZ DONT MESS WITH HIM..................................:-)
This is amazing, I had a demo of a similar arm at SfN. 
The distance between the future and the present is getting shorter all the time.  What a great device.
I feel like cutting my arm too ...weird hu?
New lease on life is a bit much isn't it? 
They should make a prostetic penis...
Very nice good to know. Congrats Mr. All the very best
this is awesome im so glad that he got his ability back.!!!!! my real opinion: this is not good, this is one step closer and closer to artificial intelligence taking over the world..
Go go gadget iron fist!
awwwhhhaaaa! my hand it's a helicopter ohhh noo!
Have you flipped the bird with a preset pattern
Good if i lost.. my important tail my life.. i wsh i can be

that was so brilliant,hoping and praying my son can have one...
if i cut my hand i what that
good technical advancement bu needs improvement
If I ever lose an arm, this will be my new one!

Brilliant piece of kit. Now if they could just make it faster and quieter 
here comes the terminators you bueaty top one
Im gonna cut my arm and get that just to finger my girl!!
Looks quite usable. Much better than what we had previously.
Love the thunder noise when he breaks the eggs =D
You guys are obsessed with the terminator thing.
wow technology us amazing this day and age who'd have thought

Makes you realize how truly amazing your own arm actually is
Thats real importand for those who thinked the life played bad game
Да прибудет судный день
If anybody want to whom contact,and what is the cost of that.
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A+ just work the pressure points with the central nervse system atthe base of the brain and meditation and hopefully something happens don't forget phsyio and hope :-)
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