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i had to read the product blurb in dave's voice :)
Seriously I read an article about these a while ago and the technical problems with measuring small currents with meters and wanted one of these.  Great job getting these!
One thing I so need to do is a tear down of his uCurrent and record a video saying things  like "Beauty!" and "Built like a Brick ????House"
Hey-did you guys realize that the Name, Email and Confirm Email fields on your "Contact Us" page are all null (at least in Chrome/Safari, probably all the Mozilla kernals) and that in Explorer (gag) you can fill in the fields, but nothing happens-ie there's no way to specify the concern that I'd want to contact you with?  Is that on purpose?  Is it your version of the 1 cm complaint form that says "Please write large?"  I have a question about your upcoming Beagleboard restock.
Handy!  Worth it to not have to mess with different current sense resistors for sleep mode vs. operating currents... Ordered! :-)
I was thinking of using this with a simple mV panel meter instead of tying up a multimeter.
Great! Dave does an awesome job helping people learn and progress their electronic projects. Small test gear that is also easily understood are great additions to a growing workbench.
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