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i had to read the product blurb in dave's voice :)
Seriously I read an article about these a while ago and the technical problems with measuring small currents with meters and wanted one of these.  Great job getting these!
One thing I so need to do is a tear down of his uCurrent and record a video saying things  like "Beauty!" and "Built like a Brick ????House"
Hey-did you guys realize that the Name, Email and Confirm Email fields on your "Contact Us" page are all null (at least in Chrome/Safari, probably all the Mozilla kernals) and that in Explorer (gag) you can fill in the fields, but nothing happens-ie there's no way to specify the concern that I'd want to contact you with?  Is that on purpose?  Is it your version of the 1 cm complaint form that says "Please write large?"  I have a question about your upcoming Beagleboard restock.
I can  really enjoy this (edited lol)  Ordering as soon as I get home, so I can PROVE to the over-educated engineers everything they know about problem grounds (and what they try and make us "fix") is all wrong.
Then again, we can clamp on the ground at feed and get a few regular AMPS anyways, lol. No, really.
Handy!  Worth it to not have to mess with different current sense resistors for sleep mode vs. operating currents... Ordered! :-)
I was thinking of using this with a simple mV panel meter instead of tying up a multimeter.
Great! Dave does an awesome job helping people learn and progress their electronic projects. Small test gear that is also easily understood are great additions to a growing workbench.
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