Alternatives to ULINE shipping supplies

If you’re searching for shipping boxes, packing materials and mailing supplies online, you’ll see ULINE EVERYWHERE, ULINE spends an estimated $80k+ a day on advertising – An estimated $35.1 million on Google in “Business & Industrial” alone. It must be working, they’re estimated to be a $2b to $5b (that’s billion with a b) company with over 3,150 employees. They also supply Hall & Oates merchandise.

We started out using ULINE in the early days of Adafruit when we didn’t know anywhere else and we’ve completely outgrown their products/pricing and service. Many other maker businesses, Kickstarters and pros that are shipping hundreds or even tens-of-thousands of orders have asked us where we purchase our supplies instead of ULINE now. Here are our main suppliers for: akro bins, all desks – both shipping stations and work desks, anti-static bags, bin panels, bins, boxes, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, cardboard shipping boxes, chairs, label dispenser, labels, mailing supplies, mailing tubes, packaging supplies, packing materials, packing peanuts, pallet jacks, pallet wrap, pallets for storage, plastic bags, shelving, shipping boxes, tape dispensers and thermal labels. Post your faves too.

Cornell-Robbins Paper and Box Company
Phil Robbins

Staples Industrial
Joe Berardi

BagBarn 1-800-720-1215

Newark / element14

Global Industrial 1-888-978-7759

Do you have a favorite supplier? Remember, post up in the comments here!

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