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Don't don't let's start.. 
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How to use the Raspberry Pi as a Slow Scan Television (SSTV) camera

Agri Vision posted this project using their Raspberry Pi as a SSTV camera.

In this project the Raspberry Pi with the PiCam is used as a wireless camera which can transmit images over long distances, usually tenths of kilometers. Images will be transmitted by amateur radio (ham-radio) using slow scan television (SSTV) on the 2 meter band (144.5 MHz). Since the Pi can generate the HF FM signal itself, no additional electronics are needed for low power transmissions. For a little bit more power a one or two transistor amplifier will be suitable. Furthermore a low pass filter is recommended to filter out higher harmonics of the signal. This project also contains a python script which detects movement. Using this script the Raspberry Pi can be used as a wireless security cam at distances far outside the range of normal WiFi networks. Be aware that you need a ham-radio license to use this application!

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NEW PRODUCT – USB Micro-B Breakout Board

Simple but effective - this breakout board has a USB Micro-B connector, with all 5 pins broken out. Great for pairing with a microcontroller with USB support, or adding USB 5V power to a project. 

We use a micro-AB connector with through-hole shielding pads for an excellent strong connection - it won't rip off by accident! 

Comes with one fully assembled and tested micro B breakout PCB and a small stick of 0.1" header so you can solder it on and plug into a breadboard. 

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Applicability onto breadboards – def.

Personally, I've started reading about the BeagleBoard (BB) platform. Though I understand RPi is popular in education, perhaps it could seem like a bit of the old high road/low road spirit, LoL, insofar as two popular models in single-board computing. I understand that there are prototyping capes for the BeagleBoard platform – community developed, community supported.

Perhaps it could be towards re-purposing a BlackBerry "wall wort" power supp? Reduce, reuse and such?
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Imperial Pig: A “Star Wars” quiz toy made with Raspberry Pi! #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

Carriots riot blog had a development challenge recently and the winner was a team called Ad Ackbar for their adorable quiz toy project. Below are some excerpts from the interview they did. Click here to read the full thing.

Ad Ackbar: At the office someone always starts some quiz competition around geek themes. Discussions often goes far enough to take wikipedia and/or youtube to decide who holds the truth or the final answer.

When Carriots published the Domokun stuffed toy tutorial we take the code, a Raspberry Pi and two speakers just to make our “Imperial pig” play the voice with the final word. The challenge was just the natural way to improve it. We have to put all the electronic stuff in it, solve communication and power issues and that’s all!

Jorge did the buttons, speaker and power implementations. And I did the integration with Carriots and the quiz logic. The Domokun stuffed toy tutorial was a very good start point since most of the logic was already coded and tested. We also used the button tricks from the forum discussion._

Components are: Raspberry Pi, SD card, portable speaker, battery pack, wi-fi dongle and some electronic stuff (resistors, buttons, wires, etc.)
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Adafruit Industries

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Amy Gabriel
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Homemade Dune Stillsuit Costume #Dune

The Fremen may have had only one way to make a stillsuit, but in the modern day, we have access to more supplies than they did on Arrakis. Lake fashioned his stillsuit from... #cosplay   #costuming   #dune  

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Bless the maker and his water...
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Learn to program the ATtiny85 from your Raspberry Pi

instructables user prb3333 posted this useful tutorial on programming the ATtiny85 with your Pi.

These instructions tell you how to setup and program the ATtiny85 microcontroller from a Raspberry Pi via the SPI interface. Lots of people use the Ardiuno to do this (then you can use the Arduino IDE and simplified C commands), or you can use a USB based programmer. I do not have an Ardiuno and don’t want to buy a dedicated programmer. I do have a Pi, so I was pleased to learn I could use it as a way to get into microcontroller programming.

You will need:

-Raspberry Pi
-ATtiny85 chip
-5 x 1K resistors (or similar)
-LED of your choice
-A connection to the GPIO of the Pi, and a breadboard and wire.

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Wow, I think I never seen clean GPIO cables before. 
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VNC instructions for your Pi remote desktop @Raspberry_pi#piday #raspberrypi

Check out these useful instructions for your Pi remote desktop from Dave at

Hi folks;
Allen was just asking me about the VNC demo I gave at Picademy and I thought I would just do a follow up post here for everyone.

Step 1: Setup and install
So the aim will be to install the VNC server software on Pi and the VNC viewer software on the host computer (which will show the Pi desktop).
Read and follow the guide here: … access/vnc
The guide includes instructions to make the VNC server start automatically when the Pi boots up (recommended).

-Step 2: If necessary, configure the Pi to give out an IP address
This is the method you’ll want to use if you have untrusting network administrators who refuse to allow a Raspberry Pi to be connected to the main school network._

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I'm not even able to rub a GUI in a smooth way on the pi, VNC will wait. 
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Adafruit Industries

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Control 4 servos with a PS3 controller and Raspberry Pi! #piday #raspberrypi @raspberry_pi

Check out this fun video from mechnable on controlling 4 servos with a PS3 controller and a pi.

 Controlling 4 continuous rotation servos with a PS3 controller on a raspberry pi. Using Adafruit 16 Servo Driver to run the motors with a 4X AA battery pack. Bluetooth control to the PS3 controller. The motors are pressure-controlled, so the harder you press the button the faster they go.

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Build a fridge/freezer temperature alarm using your Raspberry Pi!

mazzmn in the Element 14 community posted this great project that he made and a tutorial showing how to do one yourself!

I’ve been blogging about my experience in Road Test reviewing the Ultimate Raspberry Pi Bundle. As a part of this Road Test I’m creating a Fridge/Freezer Temperature Alarm system for our local food shelf, Channel 1. You can see where this Road Test started for me here

Background info:
Last Christmas vacation, I volunteered for a local food shelf called Channel One. I was chatting with the warehouse manager and he mentioned that their large freezer and cooler rooms are protected by commercial monitoring systems, but he’d really like a temperature monitor for their walk-in display-case cooler and freezer. The food shelf is closed from Friday Noon until Monday at 8am, they’ve had several cases where the unit has blown a fuse and food has been ruined. My goal was to use the Ultimate Raspberry Pi Bundle to build a low cost temperature monitoring system that can send free text messages when the temperature in the fridge or freezer is outside of the acceptable range.

Project Objective:

*Monitor the temperature of the Freezer and the Fridge Unit – the valid temperature target is 33F in the fridge unit, and -10F in the freezer unit. However, during business hours, the doors are opened by customers and stocking personnel, so the the fridge could possibly fluctuate to 60F. So allow for a wider temperature range during Business Hours vs Off Hours.
*Audible temp range alarm. Make some noise when the temperature is out of range.
*Snooze Alarm – If the temperature range is out of whack, support a button that stops the noise.
*Text message – when the temperature is out of range, send a text message to someone who can either fix the problem, or move the food.
*LCD Temperature display -make the unit wall mountable, we’ll mount it outside of the cold of the fridge/freezer unit but the temperature will be visible to staff.

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Can it tell you if you left a canned beverage in their too long so it doesn't explode in the fridge?
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Limor Fried (ladyada) is the founder & engineer of Adafruit Industries. Adafruit makes all-original DIY electronics kits - is a New York City based company that sells kits and parts for original, open source hardware electronics projects featured on as well as other cool open source tronix' that we think are interesting and well-made. Limor was on the cover of WIRED and was an EFF pioneer award winner for open-source hardware.
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