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"TISSUE TENTING: A twisted acupuncture needle creates a localized stretch by gripping the underlying connective tissue. This effect can be observed as a “tenting” of the skin as the needle is pulled out." --Helene M. Langevin

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Acupuncture is in the most part a riddle for the Science community. In this article neuroendocrinologst Langevin is uncovering connective tissue's role in the benefits of Acupuncture.

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Does Acupuncture make fools of us all?

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Sitting to much, a slow way of decaying.

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From the neuroendocrinologist Dr. Langevin, about the connective tissue and Acupuncture.

Pào Zhì 泡制 is the use of processed Chinese medicinals.

Duì Yào 對藥 is the art of combining Chinese medicinals.

Life needs some resistance to be meaningful. Too much resistance and it becomes ... oh you all know what I'm talking about :)

To close a chapter of your life even if it is voluntarily it is still a hard decision.

You don't know how static things has become before you start to move things around.
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