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An injured Palestinian construction worker screams in pain after an Israeli army driver drove a trailer hooked to a tractor over his legs, as he tried to block him when Israeli forces stopped workers on January 25, 2012 from building a house in al-Dirat village, south of Yatta in the southern Bank town Hebron region. (Photo: Hazem Bader / AFP via

Incredibly, the Israeli Embassy in Washington mounted a campaign, shortly after this photo was first published, trying to get newspapers and other news outlets to stop running the photo, implying the picture was somehow staged. However, Agence France Presse, the wire service that disseminated the photo, confirmed the Palestinian worker’s account with other media at the scene — including a medical certificate detailing his injuries.

How not to censor the news media, Vol. 1.
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The real pics and videos define everything clearly. The date, time and place where the incident took place. If any one wants to prove it wrong then the person has to define how is it fake or wrong.
And what we are doing ? We just believe on fake pics and videos and distribute and post them without recognizing the effect it will leave on the people. We should stop those fake pics and clips on the first hand by asking them about the date time and place and the person who report it. There are many ways to get the true picture of whatever is posted. If we are willing to spread only truth. It just depends on our will.
Just prepare yourself to be on the true side of picture either it cost your life. Our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad Sallalaho Alaihe Wassalam were famous and well known because of his telling always truth (Sadiq) and never to tell lie in the whole life even before the declaration of being Apostle of Allah.
May Allah guide us all.
I can understand, and I do follow. This post's reported on MSNBC. I think these names, AFP etc are recognized reporters. So I shared it.
aceph, My comments are for those people who are posting random pics and clips without recognizing that whether it is true or not. In your case you have given the source and the time and date everything so it is understood that it is not fake. And if someone challenge then you can show the source and your pointing source can also justify them according to the description given with the pics. And it is a good practice. The reason of my Comment was some days before an anonymous clip was posted through the reference of RT and in that post RT has not given any such info which is required for the clip to be not fake. At that post there were arguments going on and my stand was there also the same. Your post gives me a support to help them understand what I mean regarding opposing that post to be true.
leo kun
i don't understand, why is the camera angle also on the ground?
leo, I also don't understand why are you worried about the camera angle? And you are not showing any worry for the person shown in the picture?
An injured Palestinian construction worker screams in pain after an Israeli army driver drove a trailer hooked to a tractor over his legs, as he tried to block him when Israeli forces stopped workers on January 25, 2012 from building a house in al-Dirat village, south of Yatta in the southern Bank town Hebron region. (Photo: Hazem Bader / AFP via
What an outrage! The Israelis are the new Nazis!
leo kun
+Muhammad Irfan Kas , i'm worried about a lot of things. i'm not palestinian or jew, but it seems you are one-sided. is it wrong to be worried if it's a fake or not?
The fact that its coming from MSNBC is already a red flag. They are the left wing version Fox news. Only the make up most of they put on air to placate the minuscule audience they cater to.

Besides how can you take a picture like this seriously when these "people" put their own kids in the line of bullets just to make the news.
Are you sure he isn't just planking?
If pointing out the fact that this group of "people" have declared that their life's mission is to murder every Jew in the world and who would then murder all the Christians the world makes me a racist then yeah I am! :-)
Remember: In China the tank stopped before the student.
No one thinks being a Palestinian laying down in front of an Israeli truck being driven by an Israeli is an act of stupidity, instead of a protest.
Looking at the picture, Palestinians are waving their hands and shouting, while an Israeli soldier is calling the ambulance :-)
The Israeli's are NOT the new Nazi's. The Israeli government is the new Nazi government. Plenty of decent Israeli's also stand up for justice and fairness.

It is not right to treat Palestinians as a single minded homogeneous group deserving of a single treatment any more than it was not right to treat Jews as a single minded homogeneous group deserving of a single treatment.

We make the world we live in. If you want to make a world where you run over a man because some others in the same ethnic group (as you see it) profess violence, then good luck to your children to be brought up in the kind of world you are creating.

The killing in Northern Ireland did not stop because some kind of fair equilibrium was reached, it stopped because enough people were willing to suffer without passing on the pain.

It's the those who pass on pain for trivial reasons that most incense the other side to horrific violence which must rebound again and again before it (if ever) dies away.
we will take revenge...Insha Allah...we will kill every zionist...renaissance of Islam is very near...Allahu Akbar...
Martin, you are assuming that he isn't an arms dealer trying to drum up business
And you are assuming he is one.

But the facts are that his beliefs aren't uncommon and Israel, while no saints themselves, are surrounded by a people who want to kill them not because they are occupying "Al-Quds", not because there is a vast imperial conspiracy against them, it's because they are Jews plain and simple. And these "people" cannot abide by anything that is not them.
Running them over doesn't seem to be helping though...
+Sam Liddicott Well, not when you are only running one over at a time. If you got a big group of them together though...
...then instead of a bunch of fights you could have a bloody war and really show what you can make of yourselves.

Dumb seeming attacks like this are a good way to raise an army to fight against.

However I recognize the difficulty for all those involved and realise that I have no first hand experience of it...

and I praise any saint who can manage to receive pain and not pass it on. Justice will kill us all, only kindness will save.
Yeah, there's often a war monger ready to destroy a peace monger. Joining the war mongers doesn't make more peace mongers, it just makes you feel part of the scene.
I'm all for peace. Sure. But turning the other cheek won't do you good when your "peace partner" slaps the other cheek, kicks you in the stomach and goes after your wife and kid.

Fighting back is the only way to beat someone who uses peace as a ruse to kill.
I'm inclined to agree... except that I'm pretty sure those you see as your enemy use the same justification.

That's what I meant when I said that driving over people doesn't seem to be working. I guess that guy and half the world would now agree with you on where peaceful protest gets you.

You only get peace when enough people want it so that they will regulate those "of their own side" who are destroying the peace.

I don't doubt that the driver felt justified, and now the stricken man and all his friends feel justified too. The repercussions of that one act will go on for a long time; like the goats in Brother Bear shouting "shut up, no you shut up" to their own echoes.

I see the difficulty, but driving over people is like looking forwards to peace while walking backwards. It's not so much about intention or justification but about where it will lead. It's not going to work because it's effects tend towards more violence.

But that's the human struggle, and I have great (but useless) sympathy for those caught up in this, and I wonder what I would do if I were there... it's hard to think that I would be able to do any better.

All I can do is say "peace, brother" and "lookout, you're walking backwards"

+Sam Liddicott I get what you are saying but I also see it from the side of the Israelis.

At the birth of their country they wanted to reach an accommodation with the "palestinians". They were willing to live in an even smaller country than there is now just ot have a good neighbor.

The "palestinians" answered with murder. But even that did not dampen the wish for peace as evidenced by the very robust peace movement in the 70s up to the 90s. a regular Israeli knew that killing wasn't the answer.

But the "palestinians" only see this desire for peace as a sign of weakness on the part of the "infidels". So they will keep with it until they see a chance for another round of massacres.

The western peace movement on the other hand uses "peace" as a way to assuage whatever twisted form of guilt they brought upon themselves. And this takes the form of bashing every move of Israel and ignoring every atrocity of the "palestinians".

It's gotten to the point that "peace" is a bad word in Israel because it hasn't gotten them anything in return and its also used as another stick to beat them with.

Hell run over the guy! It won't matter either way. The driver will be strung up no matter if it was an accident or intentional if the "palestinians" have their way.

Honestly, if the Israelis gave everything the "palestinians" wanted and the "palestinians" decided to destroy Israel anyway (they have said this don't deny it) will you be willing to defend the Israelis as vociferously as you did the "palestinians". Something tells me that you wan't.
There is no "the Israelis" and there is no "the Palestinians".

Some Israeli's take the blows and some provoke the blows. Same for the Palestinians.
However I talk from what I see, and I admit that I am not there.

I strongly support the of idea of a state of Israel, and expect it to remain. I also support the idea of an independent state of Palestine and think that there will be no peace until there is. Certainly Israel will miss out on much support until there is.

I don't take either side:
However it was the Israeli government I was talking about.

The west does not ignore every atrocity of the Palestinians but sometimes it does look like the Israeli government and militant settlers are really asking for what they get - almost begging for it, sometimes, and we just ask: What do you THINK is going to happen next? We also know why they do it, but we sure as hell don't expect that it will work.

This is the most compact expression of what many in the west abhor in in Israeli government policy:

Whether or not you agree with the presentation you must understand what a dilemma it presents to those who would support you. Like the animals at the end of animal farm it can be hard to tell the difference between the old despots and the new despots.

However these are not my point; my point is that this attitude of "run him over anyway, it won't matter (!!) and even if it was an accident (!!) I'd get strung up" leads to the sorts of responses that Israel is getting; observers note it and just shrug.

The policy and of Israeli government and actions of militant settlers make it hard to distinguish them from Palestinian terrorists; and make it hard to distinguish the Palestinian terrorists from the Palestinian victims of Israeli brutality.

The natural consequence is that fair minded people find it hard to support those Israeli's who deserve it.

I'm not trying to argue, but to explain why I cannot embrace your position because it would be to embrace what is also deplorable in the Palestinians.

No-one can make there be peace, they can only make sure they are not part of the violence.

I don't think there's much more I've got to say I've explained what I meant by my comments with regard to the photo, and I've explained why I can't support much current Israeli policy or responses to Palestinians violence - not because I fundamentally disagree (although probably I do) but because it tends towards the opposite effect to that being sought.

I wish you well, and wish you peace.
This Country is not a Legal Country. It is an Illegal Country.
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