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Agree with +Barry Schwartz & this is why the "ethics" of white hat SEO outing are so unethical...they allow hit jobs to be manufactured in a few minutes for a few bucks.

My guess is that Google has to change their heavy handed approach in the next few months.
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This couldn't be a worse example of such +aaron wall

Moved hosting >
We’ve moved SEO Fast Start to a new hosting provider… (Rackspace Cloud if you wanna know)… and… well… um… everything did not go exactly as planned. We’ve been over the public-facing stuff pretty carefully but things “behind the scenes” may still be broken (April 6th)

Changed Wordpress theme (inc. site structure) >
but the change is likely due to the new theme I deployed last week, which is pretty poor "out of the box" because it has way too many sitewides to archive pages and stuff. I'll get that fixed by the weekend, so it's back to the old structure. When I deployed this theme in testing in January, it dropped all the way to page 4, so I'd expect that SERP will bounce back within a week or so

April 11 - SEO-crappy theme deployed on site. Including removing the sitewide anchor text for the keyword in question, and pushing half the PageRank into archive pages. That's the fly in the ointment.

My guess +Dan Thies is finding all this quite hilarious and will actually benefit from it when the dust settles !

What's much more interesting Aaron is that you are his biggest competitor for the search term> Free SEO book
Clearly it's the old case of 'one rule for the rich and another for the poor'. If your success directly pays Google, then you win. If it doesn't, then you lose. It's far simpler than many think.
I know Negative SEO works because I have practised it BUT if it is targeted towards one of Google's 'patrons' then it is simply discounted.
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