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Airbush aCe Tilburg
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Attended advertisement / commercial drawing school
Lives in Tilburg, the Netherlands, Europe.
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For our great friend ; 
#copyright #infringement
#violation artistic #ownership
Please help expose this website for theft on a large scale from myself and many artist friends of mine from facebook to Google+. This page has one of mine. Check the other links and see if your work is being stolen as well.
I recognize the majority of the images on the shirts.
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Airbush aCe Tilburg

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Once a year, if i think of it, i update our music player. I use to wmp to collect. When approved they go in foobar2000. No, not due the 1000 and 1 way's you can color, adjust and expand it. It works faster and better, 3x compared with wmp and 2x compared with vlc, when i listen or search my iron maiden, 70's rock or hawkwind ( live ). But that is just my opinion.. Example ? 4 screenshots;

Airbush aCe Tilburg

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This tool shows you how your current site looks on a smartphone, and provides a report on what’s working and what you can do better.

Almost forget to mention it is a +Google+ initative
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Airbush aCe Tilburg

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I learned to work with colors due endlessly practice transparencies with different colors. Even made a color card with transparent inks. Mxing purple with ocher yellow in 2% increments . Years later I came across this app.. It works simple and i can imagine that especially starting artists learn from it.

different modes ; Analogous, Monochromatic, Triad, Complementary, Compound and Shades.
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Airbush aCe Tilburg

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fml. Airbrush artist - disabled
i can paint in 1 cm x 1 cm and make anything.
  • AAZ
    fml. Airbrush aCe Zaandam
  • 合 気 道
  • Anatomy
    love it when a body falls apart..
  • Army
    ex medic
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Tilburg, the Netherlands, Europe.
Zaandam, the Netherlands, Europe. - Utrecht, the Netherlands, Europe.
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100 % disapproved Articular wear ; worn out all joints, incl. spine and damaged disc's narrowings in spine
100 % Afgekeurd articulaire slijtage; slijtage alle gewrichten incl. rug en beschadigde tussenwervel schijven vernauwingen in wervelkolom.
1.97 m. Ain't no short story.....You want more ?

            合 気 道 

Airbrush aCe Tilburg
    google site 

 by fml. airbrush artist

When i was about 10 years old, i saw a fantasy-
airbrush on a van in my neighbourhood. Untill this
day, it was a beautiful example of Mr. Frazetta kind
of painting. My first book was about vans. For the 
young ones, VANS are little trucks, not something 
to wear on youre feet.
My first airbrush was given to me when i was 14 
years. I 've had a year of commercial drawing 
school. But it was to many photographing and 
less airbrush. I quit. I started to learn with cheap
airbrushes, but they are not that good, when you 
compare the metals they use to make the brush.
Then i bought airbrushes from devilbiss. When 
needed,  i did my own repairs. Now i own a set of 
devilbiss with 0,13 a 0,25 and a 0,4 nozzles. I 
also have two SKG's, one with 0,75 and one with 
1,25 nozzle. The skg is a big decoration airpistol. 
For clouds and details in murals it's perfect.

I started with using ink. In the old day's, before
createx, it was called 'magic color' and used 
in advertismentstudio's. I did a little part with 
dangerous, smelly and hazardous car-paintings.
(pssst, you kids, always where y'mask ! uche )

Now i have developed my methods on the createx
series. I've done airbrushes with mixed techniques 
with & on graffiti, normal murals, helmets, t shirts,
leather jackets, human bodies, mobile phones,  oil-
painting with airbrush, bicycles, cars, & moterbike's
 ( and lot of lose parts of them ) Did i forget to 
mention scale models ? did i tell about the RC car, 
wich I painted with glow in the dark paint ? And, 
remember me to tell about the time when i did two 
transparant american flags and a 2 cm eagle on the
hood, on a 20 cm polished-to-silver model car.

...I'm getting old, if I aint already....
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i can repair any airbrush, just by listening to it
  • advertisement / commercial drawing school
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