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Hey everyone!

I'm gathering data about how UDisks2 detects various types of storage devices. I need logs from various machines and devices to improve automated testing tools that come with Ubuntu (and are fully open source!)

I need community help to crowdsource gathering sample data from various machines.

I'm interested in the following devices:

1) Thumb drives -- both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 (if you have any)

2) Media cards - SD and sony sticks, anything that you have! If you have a reader built into your laptop/desktop then use that first. If you have a separate USB reader then also give that a try. Make sure to separate each submission

3) Removable disks (e-SATA, USB enclosures, etc) - not required but would be very cool if you had some and could help me out

The process is fully automated and very quick. It should take you about two minutes per device. Note that you need UDisks2 so you must be running Ubuntu 12.10 aka "quantal" (development release)

I wrote a small tool that gathers the necessary data from your machine, it should run on stock 12.10 machines without any other dependencies.

To use it run this code:
$ wget
$ python3 | tee media-card-log.txt
(obviously name the log file appropriately)

Now wait until it prints:
"Waiting for device changes (press ctrl+c to exit)"

Then plug a device into your machine and wait for a few moments (20-30 seconds) to ensure that everything settles. Then eject it.

Finally, save the log and email it to me or post a link here. It would be good if you could also describe which device you have used briefly.

PRIVACY WARNING: the log file contains a description of your storage devices, if you are uneasy with publishing that data feel free to remove or censor certain sections. The log file is in plain text so you should be able to do that easily.

This will help to get more laptops with pre-installed Linux on the market.

Please spread the word

UPDATE: I've added my own logs in case if other developers are interested. Those were all captured on a Thinkpad W510 running daily Quantal:
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Ah, is this Quantal only? (precise doesn't seem to have udisks2 at all)
+Eric Casteleijn basically what you are seeing are the differences between how python 3 treats classes that don't explicitly inherit from the object class. In python 2 they become "classic classes" and therein descriptors don't work. In python 3 there are no "classic classes" anymore so everything works as expected. I'll try to patch the script to behave properly there but you should just use python3 to run it.
Sorry, will test as soon as I upgrade, should have read more carefully ;)
+Eric Casteleijn thanks to your feedback I've made the script work with python2.7 and python3 at the same time. I've also improved the message displayed for users running Ubuntu Precise. Thanks!

(The script has been pushed to the same location)
+Eric Casteleijn the data looks great, thank you for your time! I'll post again with the analysis of all results when I get sufficiently many submissions (including my own data coming from various Canonical test machines)
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