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Zygmunt Krynicki
Free software hacker. Professional Go, Python and C developer. Amateur hardware engineer.
Free software hacker. Professional Go, Python and C developer. Amateur hardware engineer.


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Solus is a non-derivative distribution that recently adopted snaps as a supported packaging system. For me this is a personal joy as , as a community, we are allowed differentiate and innovate without living in a software vacuum. The premise of universally available software, straight from developers, is real and brings in concrete benefits to everyone.

I cannot wait for the next Solus release! Welcome to the family :-)

I recently tweeted about how terrible Bluetooth is on FOSS desktop in 2017. To be fair that was on a 2016 distribution release. Well, this time it is not. I'm on bleeding edge development distributions from, well, everyone. All the colours ,all the logos are there. And boy, does Bluetooth audio SUCKS. I think it's only fair to say that the only way to make it work is to remove and add the damn device each morning, afternoon and evening when either the headset or the computer goes to sleep.

When anyone claims otherwise have them use Bluetooth headset as their only source and sink of audio for a week, and actually depending on using it. I really really wish all the freedesktop developers that touch pulseaudio, kernel, and bluez would rally together and get a pair (or a few) of headphones, keyboard, mice and speakers. The sheer annoyance of not only not working out of the box but actively preventing you from using it is mind boggling.

I know this is not a bug report or anything similar but it's a shout of desperation and cry for help. Is there any bluetooth stack developer that would be willing the help me through the experience of figuring out what the hell is wrong and working with me on fixing it? I can work with C, I read kernel and plumbing layer just fine. I want this damn thing to work.

As a small checklist of things "Bluetooth works", it doesn't when:

- nothing sensible happens when no wired mouse/keyboard is present on boot
- nothing sensible happens when you suspend and resume {device,host}
- nothing sensible happens when get out of range and then come back

In addition Bluetooth headsets defaulting to hands-free is nuts, it should not do that. The sound quality is atrocious and no other operating system does it this way.

So there you have it, please share, +1, comment or rant. Please get in touch with me at if you have a desire for hands-on debugging, patching, compiling or anything else where I can actually help. I'm also on freenode (zyga-{ubuntu,fedora,suse}) if that's your game.

Disclaimer: The free software developers who hack on the kernel, bluez and pluseaudio are heroes of this never-ending, monumental task to get everything right. Kudos to them! I don't mean disrespect in any way.

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Snapd is now available for install in all currently supported +Fedora Project releases (F24, F25 and F26 as well as rawhide). Work has already completed on packaging the new snapd 2.24 release and will be released in sync with other distributions once the testing cycle completes successfully.

You can track the testing status and various other information here

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+Martin Pitt I've installed Fedora 25 Server edition to check out the new snapd release there and I must say I really like Cockpit! Good work (the whole team) :-)

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We have a candidate RPM for Fedora available and we need people interested in testing it and providing feedback. There's a forum thread with all the installation details. Have a look please!

Thanks to +Neal Gompa and +Simon Fels who worked on making this happen!

I'm building gcc-6-6-3.0, I'll let you know when that finishes...

EDIT: started on the 29th of March 2017 at round 21:00 CET.

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Spring cleaning project

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We have just opened a new forum for all day-to-day communications around snapd. The forum also replaces the private Telegram group where the few developers (initially) hang out. The reasons for this are many but we hope that with the move we will:

- Increase transparency around the development process so that anyone can participate or follow development of a given area
- Introduce threaded communication so that we don't just have an endless wall of text that's useless to follow after a few day of absense
- Unify all related conversations under one banner (snapd, snapcraft, essential snaps, etc)

So without further delay, the forum is at (unsurprisingly :-). I'm wholeheartedly inviting you to join.

I will keep using this G+ group to post information about important events but the details will always lead to a forum page.
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