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JC Desp
I don't even wanna pretend I know words for this.
Wow, just wow.
I have always loved this set. Nice to see it here as well.:)
Stunning. Works especially well in this wide, letter-boxed format.
Looks really nice in a larger format, the sky really pops.
beautiful; reminds me a modern day Constable.
Stunning..... fiery clouds... :-)
Lived in Budapest for half a year shortly after the end of communism in 1991, so it's really neat for me to see these on a sentimental level. It also makes me wish I had my Hungarian slides scanned, that country is absolutely full of amazing photo subjects. Finally, I wish I was in Eger sipping some excellent wine!
Mesmerizing, like UFO's are coming to visit like in Close Encounters.
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