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Project: Resurrecting the Nexus 4
If you have a broken phone, probably it's fully functional except one or two hardware elements. With this post I want to help others with information that is difficult or impossible to find on the Internet.

The story:
In my case, the Nexus 4 digitizer stopped detecting touches in the middle of the screen in a line after years of heavy usage. I contacted all the phone repair stores in my hometown, because the warranty was not valid after years of course. The Nexus 4 digitizer can't be replaced easily without replacing the full display, so they wanted around 130 Euros for fixing the device.
I found it too much, so I ordered a new display and a digitizer with repair tools from eBay for around 50 Euros and I used my heater to remove the glue of the digitizer and fix it for myself.
After turning on the phone, I felt the quality of the display isn't as good as the original one, but it worked just fine.
After a half year, the digitizer started to show 5-6 ghost touches in one second and one week later the display also stopped working:
That time I decided it doesn't worth to buy a new display again.

The solution:
I decided I make a PC from the phone and the TV because except the display, everything just works fast and fluently and it runs the latest 5.1 Android.

I purchased a Simplort adapter to use the TV as the phone display,:
And I also purchased a mini Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad to control the system:
You can't use a USB hub with Slimport, it means you can't plug in your wireless 2.4 GHz radio keyboard, must get a Bluetooth keyboard. After some research I found I will have problems with the special Hungarian characters, so I decided to buy with English layout. It's perfect for browse the web or search or chat or basically enough for everything.

Yes, the Nexus 4 can boot without display
This was important for me, because if it is connected to the motherboard, the ghost touches coming from the broken digitizer would make the device unusable. The display has 2 connectors, the bigger is for the screen itself, other is for the digitizer.
I booted the phone without connecting them to the motherboard. I connected it to the TV via Slimport, and luckily I had picture on TV. I connected the digitizer and the screen to the motherboard and with some work I was lucky enough to quickly pair the phone with the bluetooth keyboard.
After the successful pairing I put a simple tape on both connectors, because I don't need the phone display anymore. It would just consume power and heat the device.
After I assembled the phone, I crossed my fingers and long-pressed the power button. 20 seconds later the TV showed the end of the boot animation I knew everything is fine and I not just have picture on the TV, but I also have control.
Previously I checked MHL vs. Slimport reviews, which said the MHL is the better, however I have 5.1 audio and I absolutely don't have any lag and I am fully satisfied with the result.

The Nexus 4 renders the screen in fullHD with 60 FPS
The LG Nexus 4 comes with 4.7 in (120 mm) diagonal TrueHD IPS with Corning Gorilla Glass 2, 768×1280 px (318 ppi).
However, the Adreno 320 GPU drew 60 frames in a second with 1920x1080p resolution!

Force landscape
I could attach a phone holder to the TV, which can hold the device horizontally. This way, the screen is forced to stay in landscape mode. I changed Google Now launcher to Nova launcher to make the landscape mode permanent:
OK Google hot word detection also works with this launcher.

How to get charging AC intead of charging USB
The Slimport needs power through microUSB to work and to charge the phone. All the power outlets are used, so I only can get the power from the TV. Luckily, the TV has one 1A USB output, which is ideal for using as the Slimport power source. However, getting faster charging also needs good cable. Only use 28/24 gauge cables for powering the system!
After 3 hours of heavy usage the phone is not hot at all, and the battery is also charged with +20%.

Battery life and phone settings
The phone is always plugged into the HDMI port, but it only gets power, when the TV is on. I made a test:
I set the display to never turn off (because I can change the signal source on the TV), I disabled the screen lock, and I changed the location service from high accuracy to battery saving (on the home Wi-Fi it is as accurate as GPS) and I keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth always on. With this setup, the battery drained from 100% to 49% in 4 days and a few hours. I think it is pretty impressive from a more years old battery!
If someone turns on the TV during the week, the battery can't be discharged thanks to the battery saving functions of Android 5.1 Lollipop. I am thinking of turning "always listening hot word detection" on.
The phone has 2100 mAh battery, it won't cost much to leave the phone always on.
When I need something, I just change the source on the TV to the Slimport HDMI and I can use it without any loading time.

Now we have a really Smart TV with great features of the latest Android, we have a fast Google Chrome (which is way much faster and better than the TV's browser), we can install million more apps than previously, and basically the loading time is just gone (for example at YouTube). Now it has a fully functional office, and fitness app, and finally we can use the TV for video chatting. And who knows what other usage we will find out in the next few weeks. First we have to get familiar with the system, it is like we have a new TV :)
I also installed the AllCast Receiver from +Koushik Dutta :
Finally we can easily mirror other devices' screen to the TV.
I tried to use Cheapcast, it would be a dream to make it work, but it seems Google doesn't let Android phones work as a Nexus player. (Actually they are doing the same with Android Auto).
If I don't want to mirror other screen, or I want to send content from PC, I use +Pushbullet to easily share content to the N4:
To make sure I don't loose the connection (I don't want to disassemble the phone again lol), I installed +Cerberus  as a device administrator, I can use it's commands or the shell for some remote access.

Closing words:
Probably you also have a smartphone which has a small problem, and you don't use it anymore. With a little work probably it can be used for some kind of server and it may worth to play with it.
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Wow!!! Is it a bug? Or offline maps finally became a thing in Hungary????? #GoogleMaps #Hungary
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amugy meg amit irtal az auto update is klassz ujitas, hiszen ahol regebben ment az offline maps ott opcio nem volt, csak irta hogy lejart a terulet
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My adventures with #YouTubeRed

I keep using Google Music for listening audio because YouTube Red feels like Google trying to tell me what I should listen. I like control, but they took it away. They will create station for me, they will download the music for offline access, you will need Red subscription for background music, etc...
YouTube is strong in community made music, playlists, mix, "best of" content which would be great to be listened offline as audio, but not with giving up the control.

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From Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation. Agent Benji is copying top secret files, with a help of a school example code for drawing nice spirals.
From Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation. Agent Benji is copying top secret files, with a help of a school example code for drawing nice spirals.
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Ez egy egészen rövid poszt lesz, mert a témáról inkább csak benyomásaim vannak, mint háttértudásom: a múlt héten épp a legújabb részt forgattuk a Discovery műsorán 2016. elejétől várható Xtractor című műsorunkhoz, amikor tök váratlanul eljutottunk az Istvántelki…
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Sajnos otthon a háztartásokban is minden feleslegesnek vélt dolgot kidobnak. Miért is lenne ez másképpen nagyban. Nekem a szívem fáj ha egy tárgytól meg kell szabadul, de én csak én vagyok a többség nem ilyen.
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Awaken the Force within you. Choose a side and your Google apps will follow your path.
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Today's lesson:
The Nexus USSD code for Google checkin is:
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Hier (08/11/2015) nous avons lancé un ballon météo avec caméras et capteurs raspberry PI depuis la Belgique, vers 12h nous avons perdu sa trace GPS.
Ajourd'hui (09/11/2015) j'ai eu un signal provenant de HONGRIE.
Faites tourner !
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This place is The cinema in the country.
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Beautiful and relaxing.
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This is a store so they can't have every book in stock. That's why I prefer to shop online and I only take my order here. In this way I don't have the opportunity to read inside the book and some expensive ones are in package and cannot be opened to check.
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Perfect place to visit in good weather.
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Parking is not free, toilet is not free, doesn't have roof above the platforms, doesn't have free WiFi, and there is only one small buffet at the bus station. This place requires significant improvements.
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The main building of this colorful university is iconic. Architects knew how to build in the old times.
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