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De-risking has been the buzzword within the pension industry for quite some time now. Many believe that the term just refers to endgame solutions that lead to the termination of pension plans; however, that is not exactly accurate. It actually refers to a gamut of techniques that can be applied to reduce pension plan volatility and create funded status stability. For some more perspective on de-risking corporate pension plans read the following article that +John Ehrhardt and I co-authored.

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The year in review for defined benefit pensions.
Defined benefits’ 2012 year in review
Defined benefit pension plans in the U.S. had an historic year in 2012. Interest rates continued to decline in 2012, much as they did for the past three years. The lower interest rates resulted in escalating liabilities and deteriorations in pension plan funded status. Assets exceeded expectations, but still could not keep pace with rapidly rising liabilities.
In this article, Zorast Wadia reviews the major factors affecting defined benefit pension plans in 2012 and how those concerns may carry over into 2013.
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The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 makes deferred compensation attractive for executives. Qualified defined benefit plans are the most tax efficient vehicle for deferring compensation. This could be an opportunity for plan sponsors to set up new cash balance plans for both their executive and non-executive personnel.

Read the following article for more perspective.

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