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For Ivan
We're devoting the rest of the day to celebrate Ivan. We are heartbroken here at Zoo Atlanta but we want to celebrate a tremendous life.

Read Ivan's story at:
If anyone has any memories or photos, please share them. He touched a lot of lives here as well as the Tacoma/Seattle area. #IvanTheGorilla 
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+jana kaplan I know that he was very well cared for here at Zoo Atlanta and had a strong bond with his keepers.
I was continuing my thought from the other post....hang on.
here it is:  :( I just read this on the website. Do you think Ivan was happy being inside the mall all of those years? He seemed to be so content wherever he wound up. :( I hope he passed away as a happy gorilla. <3
+jana kaplan Having a standard of care of animals is very important to all accredited Zoos and Aquariums. Being respectful and responsible stewards of animals is paramount for our mission.
I'm well aware of that. That isn't what I'm asking. I'm wondering about his temperament. Was he content and happy being inside the department store all of those years as he was at Zoo Atlanta? That is what I am wondering. Looking at all of the wonderful photos, he seemed like a very gentle soul.
+jana kaplan that's hard to say...we're working on gathering interviews with his keeper staff, hopefully they'll answer some of your questions.
I'm very sad to hear about Ivan :( from what I understand 50 years is very old for a Gorilla, so he seems to have lived a very long life. I know it must be hard for everyone at +Zoo Atlanta as he was a member of their family. RIP Ivan.
would love to participate in your google hangout on Apr. 30th. I read this book to my 3rd graders this year and it changed their perspective about gorillas. We all cried and we laughed. I read the entire book on my ipad as they followed me along. Loved loved this book.
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