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Zoner Photo Studio – the only photo software you'll ever need.
Zoner Photo Studio – the only photo software you'll ever need.

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How to Create Your Own Blurred Background #photoediting #ZPS #portrait #bookeh

DSLRs boast a low depth of field that lets you take sharp portraits with blurred backgrounds. This elegant effect helps you to eliminate unwanted, distracting background details in a picture. You can also simulate this effect on a computer.

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The 10 Reasons Behind Your Unsharp Photos

Having at least some part be sharp in every photo is a goal for most photographers. But it doesn’t always work out. After all, there’s a number of things that can prevent sharp photos.

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Camera Sheds Creative Light on Issue of Pollution

For well over 100 years now photographers have been using their cameras as instruments for change, as a way to see inside our souls, as way to take us all over the world…and beyond.

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What Focal Length Is Best for Landscape Photography?

You’ve probably run into the title question in practice. The answer is: there’s not just one best length. Unlike in portrait photography, nearly every lens works for landscapes. It’s just that each one lets you present the landscape a bit differently. So…

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#EditorsChoice: No Ordinary #Portrait #photoinspiration

Preparing for a shoot is very important. In general the better your preparation, the easier the shoot. Today we’ll take a look at a photograph that would have been completely ordinary without preparation, but thanks to how the shot was handled it’s gained…

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Smartphones 2017: Powerful New Processors = Powerful New Image Capability

Funny how the smartphone category has evolved from being a product that was initially sold as a cell phone that also took pictures to clearly now being a camera that also makes phone calls.

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Vignetting—An Issue and a Blessing #photoediting

Practically every photo is vignetted at least a little. Sometimes you want this, other times you don’t. But either way it’s not a curse, because there are tools for suppressing vignetting—or even adding it. Do you know how and when to use them?

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How to Photograph #Snowflakes #winter #photoinspiration #macrophotography

Winter’s a season when most photographers put away their macro lenses until spring. But in reality this cold period offers much more than it might seem. Thanks to the freezing temperatures, you can photograph things like glaze ice… but snowflakes are a…

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Editor’s Choice: The Grace of Minimalism

Less is sometimes more. This phrase is rather trite by now, and yet there’s still something to it. In some pictures, a single strong theme is enough to engage the audience at first sight. We’ll look at precisely such a photo here.

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#VR: Becoming a Viable Part of Photography Mix

And, after a few starts and stops, VR is now officially becoming a big part of the consumer imaging world.
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