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I see the light in things
I see the light in things

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#Ingress #iOS: I don't get people, come ooon... "soon" does NOT strictly equal today or tomorrow (or any point of time). Have you heard about the App Store submission times? I guess the answer is "not".

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Could you please check this issue? I guess it's not really straightforward to solve, but please feel free to prove me wrong :]

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Egy kis érdekesség így estére: lehetnek barátságosabbak is a bonyolultabb metrótérképek? Úgy tűnik, lehetnek...

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So true... xDD
1. You know you’re rooted when your girlfriend can’t get hold of you for an hour because you’re in recovery.. and she becomes suspicious.

2. You know you’re rooted when someone asks if rooting is like jail breaking their iPhone and you laugh in their face.

3. You know you’re rooted when boot loops don’t scare you anymore.

4. You know you’re rooted when your girlfriend looks in your messages and gets suspicious cause you have none.

5. You know your are rooted when u scream “YESSSS” in a bus full of people because a rom update successfully booted up.

6. You know you are rooted when someone at a party says “hey you have that awesome 12/8 mp camera phone right? Please take a pic of us” and you can only sheepishly reply “Cyanogenmod doesn’t have working camera yet”

7. You know you’re rooted when you take your Android phone to the service center and they say that your warranty is voided because of rooting.

8. You know your rooted when you wake up and your Android device is still in your hands.

9. You know you are rooted when two iPhone guys are talking about their phones and you are sitting there smiling thinking “if only they could understand the things you do on your phone is of a magnitude higher than they can ever do”

10. You know you’re rooted when your microUSB cable connected to your PC is used more often than your mouse.

Can't remember the source sorry:P

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Vác, Főtér. Nem egyszerű, mi? :D

Első körben azt hittem, hogy elfolyik az agyam a Google Talk > Hangouts váltástól (igen, mifelénk igenis komolyan volt/van(?) használva a Talk), de aztán amikor rájöttem, hogy végülis a korábbi státuszváltásokat az "Értesítések elnyomása" kiváltja valamennyire, megnyugodtam egy picit...

Napi jótanács a Google-től:
"Ne nyalja meg a képernyőt, illetve ne harapjon bele."

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