2 July 2016 - Operation Flatpacked

Inevitably, one crazy idea can often lead to another as 'whatifs' become fully-fledged Op plans...

'Flatpacked' was one such op; the seeds for which were sown in an allotment immediately after the success of Natural Cake Museum. We were wondering what crazy scheme we could come up with next and decided the idea of linking IKEA stores with a central london baseline was just too audacious to be missed - I mean, no-one fields through central London, do they? Surely it's not possible? That was more than enough of a challenge to take on!

On Saturday 2 July, 12 car teams, 43 Agents in the field and a fully international 13-person team of awesome Intel Monkeys succeeded in a night of smashing some of the densest-fielded areas of North AND South London to clear the lanes needed to link North, East, South and West.

Despite some significant last-minute defence from local SW and Central Frogs by stealing our Allen keys, my fellow Smurfs have been reluctant for me to call this op a draw because despite not getting the full plan to succeed before Check Point, the Central London baseline was thrown (and then rethrown); multiple blue blankets were laid over North London, ENL cell scores were significantly reduced and whilst we might not quite have got all the links for the Southern fields up at the same time for a field (only just!), the pieces were all there ready for assembly. Therefore, we are calling this op a win on many levels. :)

Total MU saved = 10.8 million

#CarTeams = 12
#FieldAgents = 43
#BAFsThrown = 16
#IlluminatorBadgesGained = 5 (5x Platinum)
#Top10CellAgents = 7
#LateNightMeatballRuns = 3
#LateNightBurgers(inAbsenceofMeatballs) = >6
#FlasksofTea = >5
#SmurfsHidinginBushes = 2
#EpicPortalBattles = Lots!

Stay tuned for the next one... ;)

Big Shout out to all agents who helped this happen:

On the Ground:

Intel & Dispatch:

#LostBoroughs / #LostTowns
+Home Guard - Resistance UK​ 
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