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This makes #snowballcircle share number 5. Out of the 1st 4 we gained the world record and averaged 623 shares per post.

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O²Breakthrough® saves life, ENDS #heart attack as @Mike_Wesely burns #BELLY #FAT TEN inches+double chin OFF 1st week! MIKE INTERVIEW DEC 2010-pBt1 -

OFF all TEN #heart + #pain meds, Mike shares his story; MIKE INTERVIEW DEC 2010-pBt1 -

How does this happen, saving his life, lives of many thousands IN ONLY SECONDS? #O2 !

O²Breakthrough® RIPS ABS: at 50 y/o, Mike's 31 inch waist, better athletic condition than in high school, college, although broader, more muscular shoulders, chest, arms. Then a single dad of three younger sons, youngest at 14 years old, leaving loved ones behind, not an option, Mike understands his 95% widow makers valve heart blockage, 2 prior  heart surgeries at age 45, 47 NEEDS to save his life with oxygen, a miracle: O²Breakthrough® 
How do many clients enjoy O²Breakthrough® 7,000 calorie burn in ONLY 1 minute?! How is this possible?! Why? Who does this? Smartest see it: YOU? Smartest? All my clients, many thousands, wiser doing all possible, all known, best, before me, ways seen, yet found nothing, SLOW to NO results, even, as with me, SIX HOURS traditional training, finally find:

O²Breakthrough®: "scientific and medical breakthroughs which will turn the entire health and fitness and anti-aging industry upside down worldwide." - Dr. John Glidden, SIX year director of University of Utah Human Performance Research Lab, his Ph.D in Exercise Physiology. Dr. Glidden brought his colleague, friend, a Navy Seal head trainer to me, after seeing the research results, below, says this, above PLUS END threat of deadly G forces!

World renowned research scientists, scientific studies, comparative research REVEALS: scientists say, accredited university and scientific studies show YOU have breakthroughs:

"ONLY O²Breakthrough® gives YOU an unprecedented, unparalleled HUGE amount of oxygen immediately delivered to each brain and body cell."

Research results, comparative scientific studies show these oxygenating breakthroughs, the O²Breakthrough®, are proven, published for you to see: See success ASAP!

* 21 times MORE FAT Weight LOSS over ALL OTHER exercises, yet ... 
* 6 times MORE muscle mass than EVEN power lifting, weight training, body building conventionally. MORE LEAN tissue mass so you're younger, stronger by the day, decade! O²Breakthrough®:
* 12 1/2 times the flexibility increase over pilates, yoga, martial arts *
*O²Breakthrough®: FEEL fantastic + *YOU: your YOUNGEST, yet.
* Increase your OXYGEN intake capacity 11 1/2 times all other exercises. 24/7 access: TODAY ONLY $39.97
O²Breakthrough® O²euphoric® is feel good, look good, your youngest, minutes:

Many clients NEED to gain muscle mass, lean body mass, body weight, stop sagging on face, butt, body, neck, jawline; some are prematurely aging OR
TOO thin! What does this massive amount of oxygen immediately delivered to every brain and body cell mean to everyone?!. See, seconds oxygenating, "O²!"

Brain cells are immediately "awash," and oxygenated, cell regenerating, building best brightest, healthiest brain cells. A handheld mirror reflects this, you feel it.

How important is this breakthrough in medical science, healing the brain BE to you who may be genetically vulnerable to #ALS #Parkinsons #Disease #PD #BiPolar #Depression #PostPartemDepression #ADHD #Epilepsy #BrainCancer #ALZHEIMERS #Stroke, as Elsom had at age 76. See his story below, on Mike Wesely's video Part 2

Brain cells nourished, your mental power is empowered, enhanced, raised alpha state of awareness, mental acuity, astuteness is immediate best benefit, clarity:

YOUR power; be on top of your success process every moment, with YOUR
IQ levels, as with clients, adults and children increasing 50 POINTS in 3 months!
A 76 year old stroke victim, barely able to string 3 words together, becomes

THE formerly eloquent keynote speaker YET again, burning off 50 LBS., smoothing wrinkles off his face. Ask Mike Wesely and Gina Gaudio-Graves about Elsom:
MIKE INTERVIEW DEC 2010-pBt1 -@Mike_Wesely's video 1
MIKE INTERVIEW DEC 2010-pt 2 - Mike, Part 2: Elsom Eldridge Jr

Every brain disorder, including ADHD, bi-polar, severe depression overcome in thousands, decades document, scientific, medical breakthroughs are noted:

Dr. John Glidden, the SIX year director over the human performance research lab in which these comparative studies are conducted, exclaims upon experiencing with his colleague, a Navy Seal head trainer, asking me to show him these oxygenating breakthroughs, training them both in this unique processes. Dr. Glidden exclaims:

"These are scientific and medical breakthroughs which will turn the entire health, fitness and anti-aging industry upside down worldwide." His SEAL trainer friend agrees:

This is the SOLE source, safest, surpassing SEAL training in peak performance conditioning, which also "keeps cells safest from deadly G forces deep sea divers, high altitude pilots, astronauts encounter." These two agree with all scientists
STUDYING all the research results, comparative, scientific studies for decades!

THE most exciting breakthrough invention: just as this invention, discovery is ONLY believed by the very smart, exceptional, more than above average person who do these oxygenating breakthroughs, TWO inventions, the airplane and the telephone were TOTALLY disbelieved, met with absolute DENIAL of possibility!

How world changing in transportation, in communication were these two inventions, respectively, by the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, and Alexander Graham Bell?! Everyone hearing of these breakthroughs doubted, had difficulty conceptualizing, "wrapping their heads" around these innovations. Why?

Just as these inventions seemed virtually "IMPOSSIBLE" so my oxygenating breakthroughs are above most people's ability to grasp. Only smartest do!
How smart are you? See scientific studies. Take a listen to Deb Scott's radio show, and my videos, Blog Talk Radio, and Mike Wesely's inteview, Part 1, 2:

Scientists say: "O²Breakthrough®'s historic" as airplane + telephone inventions Getting to know Zna Part 1 Decades document thousands' success: Part 2 PT 3 Pro triathlete win w/no cycling, running, swimming for FIVE months during the winter to prepare YET beat all best times in all 3 events. How did the oxygenating O²Breakthrough® give this pro athlete this much edge? How did he win, and beat all his best times, record times in all three events?
MIKE INTERVIEW DEC 2010-pBt1 -@Mike_Wesely's video 1
MIKE INTERVIEW DEC 2010-pt 2 - Mike, Part 2: Elsom Eldridge Jr

Renowned research scientists say: "O²Breakthrough® is THE most important historic health find since the beginning of human life."

*YOU: anti-age ASAP! Replay 24/7
How does renowned TV show host, Skye Winslow burn 8 LBS., 19 inches in ONLY 24 hours, shocking thousands of viewers, 
physicians calling into the show? See her letter of recommendation:

"Dear Zna,
I just had to let you know how pleased I am with my weight loss! You said it could be done and you did it. In less than three months I have lost 20 pounds and nearly 50 inches!!
People stop me all the time and ask, who’s the magician? Or, how did you do it?

Working on television isn’t always easy, especially after the birth of my daughter ten months ago. I didn’t really know if your program was the one for me, but what can I say … I’m actually happy with myself for the first time. And even though I don’t weigh the same as before the birth, my clothes are smaller, and I can eat without the fear of regaining the lost weight.

My only wish now is that everyone have the opportunity to learn 
what you taught me.

No one has to be heavy, no one has to starve to lose weight, 
and anyone can learn your technique.
Thank you for caring about me, and for the magic you performed!

Your Friend,
Skye Winslow, Spokesperson
PM Magazine Utah
KUTV Channel 2"

Take a look at the above letter of recommendation here:

Skye takes 20 LBS. off, 50 INCHES! The national prime time evening TV show's franchise owners required for Skye to keep her job. Craig Clyde, the show's producer, told her to call me for results, ASAP!

O²Breakthrough® helps his wife, after the birth of their 2nd son three years prior
to appear on his popular talk show with viewers in 5 states. His wife, about whom he warned, "GOOD LUCK with her! She hates exercise. She only enjoys sports, softball, volleyball participating." In ONLY five days, appearing LIVE on Craig's show, she's looking like a SUPERMODEL after burning 14 LBS,. losing 27 1/2 inches.

Totally transformed in ONLY five days one on one training, it made history!
This shocked many thousands of viewers in five states, making this segment the #1 rated show in the Fox affiliate station's history, the station owner reveals:

She exclaimed, thousands are STILL calling the station for YEARS, asking: "IS this
REALLY TRUE? Did Craig's wife REALLY LOSE 14 LBS. and 27" in ONLY 5 DAYS?!"

O²Breakthrough® O²euphoric® feels good! This LOOKS good on you, too! O²Breakthrough® *overview, programs for you:

Clients' successes, stellar star red carpet ready camera ready
ADD YOUR O²Breakthrough® now success, STELLAR STORY
NOW TO THESE SUCCESS stories, clients' video views, rave reviews, in dozens of * You Tube Videos: AND Facebook FUN FAN page, many very happy clients miracle minutes a day success: Take a listen/look:

NOW many burn 7,000 #calories in their 1st minute; a 1,750 calories burn per session:
#Foodies, #exercise, #calories #CalorieBurn #fitness #diets
Only the SMARTEST read -- NEW! If you are a Foodie or Exercise Hater, this is for YOU. O²Breakthrough® fitness program with 7,000-calorie burn, with NO diets or deprivation;

NO TIME consuming, painful, hurting, or hurling through the hoops of typical, exhaustive exercise that BREAKS down body parts and hearts!

#Foodies, #exercise, #calories #CalorieBurn #fitness #diets

Only the smartest people need read, feed futures (yours, your children) with YOUR most brilliant, beautiful minds, bodies and spirits. Take a listen to Deb Scott's Best People We Know Radio Show sharing secrets by interviewing me to her over ONE
MILLIONS listeners, as a #1 rated radio show: 7,000 calories 1st minute? How?! What?!

* Who does this?! ONLY we do. Find out how, and do these too. Get *YOURS!

Are YOU above average, exceptional?

Results vary. There are no "typical" results. No two people are the same physically or in focus and dedication. Only those who DO O²Breakthrough® as I guide them and follow through, with consistency,

DO get such phenomenal, historic, amazing results as thousands of my clients before them, with recorded results such as, with these outstanding, exceptional people choosing excellence in their best quality of life, not mediocrity, as seen below:
ADD YOUR O²Breakthrough® now success, STELLAR STORY NOW TO THESE SUCCESS stories, clients' video views, rave reviews, in dozens of * You Tube Videos:

AND add to those posted in with their own video stories on our Facebook FUN FAN page, many very happy clients miracle minutes a day success:


*YOU: smartest Social Media offers? Only smartest see:

O²Breakthrough® 's best for YOU and all whom you love:
Only the smartest people need read, feed futures, yours, your children, with YOUR most brilliant beautiful minds, bodies, spirits: 

DO *YOU, as want the best the smartest Social Media offers? Only smartest see:

The Wright brothers, Orville, and Wilbur, met the same disbelief in their invention of airplane. Changing transportation worldwide, as
O²Breakthrough® already, for many thousands, is historic: "THE most important historic health breakthrough since beginning of human life" world renowned research scientists say. Thousands, all
O²Breakthrough® clients "get it" and they're all ABOVE average.

Are YOU above average, exceptional? My disclaimer:
Results vary; only those who do O²Breakthrough®, follow through
DO get phenomenal, historic, amazing, astonishing record results:

Many thousands' average results: 7 to 12 LBS. OFF 1st week!
Many thousands average 3,500 to 7,000 calories per training time
after the first few, is what many, as Alan Allred recently found, burning OFF 50 LBS. in 90 days. You can do it! How is it possible: 7,000 calories in 1st minute?

Take a look, listen, love what this, these secrets DO for *YOU:
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 O²Breakthrough®: #scientist #athlete burns 3 LBS. OFF in 3 minutes: 10,500 #calorie burn! Many do 7,000 #calories 1st minute! What?! How?! Who does this?! 

ONLY *O²Breakthrough® did this 10,500 calorie BURN, equivalent of THREE LBS. 

FAT, inches falling off Lance in his FIRST THREE MINUTES, yet building SIX times more muscle mass where this young father WANTS to build FASTER than weight training.

How does Lance Johnson do this; how do many thousands for 30+years do this?!

Yes, asking myself how is this possible, discovery by accident in 1981 IMMEDIATE inch loss where fat loss is wanted, yet inches gained where lean muscle mass, tissue mass is desire, happens immediately. He's 1 more doing this seemingly impossible feat. How?

Many thousands precede Lance, doing the many thousands of calories burning in ONLY a few minutes, inches of fat falling off where wanted, yet immediately BUILDING biceps, 
quads, PECS, ABS, CALVES of those who're wanting muscle size, strength, power.

Take a listen to Lance Johnson. You basketball fans, along with me, are going to be thinking maybe you, too, can do SIX three pointers in ONLY one basketball game: Astounding! (y)

Lance did this on day 5 of his oxygenating training trade secrets, peak power performance winning edge conditioning *NAVY SEAL*head trainers say surpasses 

SEALS' top level fitness training. Olympic and professional athletes love oxygenating:
Spanning 3 decades, documenting many thousands, all O²Breakthrough® do it! How?!

*ONLY O²Breakthrough® can do this: renowned research scientists say "SOLE source of unprecedented, unparalleled HUGE amounts of oxygen are immediately delivered to every brain and body cell" inside out, head to toe. What does this mean or you? Take a look: it's about *YOU!

Proven with many thousands of clients, case studies, renowned research scientists, comparative research results reveal, scientific studies show surreal, sound results:

 *SIX times more muscle mass, more lean tissue mass doing O²Breakthrough®
 with NO equipment, NO weight lifting, power lifting, traditional training

* 12 1/2 times more flexibility than yoga, pilates, martilal arts disciplines 

  *21 times more weight loss than ALL other programs, including traditional weight training, body building, resistance training, all other cardio, and this with NO equipment, anytime, anywhere, in ONLY minutes a day: it's OK you're doubting. Me: a doubter!

" O²Breakthrough® is a scientific and medical breakthrough," and stunned, amazed:

"THE most important historic health and anti-aging breakthrough" world renowned research scientists, some from adjacent research centers, the University of Utah Human Performance Research Lab, and the close by, adjacent University of Utah Medical Research Center. These, including Dr. John Glidden, {his Ph.D in Exercise Physiology, 

SIX year Director of Research over the Human Performance Lab, in which my comparative research scientific studies were conducted {see link above}, and Junalee Roberts, research scientist, colleague to renowned scientists, Dr. Bob McGreavy and Dr. Devaults say about my discovery upon doing their own research, studies over months; 

*ONLY O²Breakthrough® and nearly four decades document many thousands' pre- post testing thorough medical examinations, blood tests, extensive scientific studies, research results ensuring safety, ferreting out ONLY facts, reality. It is as REAL as YOU!

Doubting, a prove me person, consummate skeptic, disbelieving the results of my own invention, it became absolutely 35 years ago, a necessity to do extensive studies, advance comparative research, and thorough medical testing of every kind for each client to ensure the safety, absolute building of health, fitness to peak levels. 

Athletes WIN! A professional triathlete whom my corporation sponsored, did 

NO running, NO cycling, NO swimming for FIVE months, during the winter, and 

ONLY O²Breakthrough® brings him THE TRIATHLON WIN, beating all 3 of his own records in ALL THREE EVENTS! He knew, and was immediately winning in his own
five months, feeling the power, prepping, preparing, positioning, professionally: a WIN!
*ONLY O²Breakthrough® can do this: renowned research scientists say "SOLE source of unprecedented, unparalleled HUGE amounts of oxygen are immediately delivered to every brain and body cell" inside out, head to toe. What does this mean or you?

No other method, not deep diaphragmatic rib cage breathing with the hundreds of years old yoga, nor thousands of years of other health building disciplines deep breathing with Tao or Tibetan rites, or Ki gung. These and ALL other exercises bring ONLY, comparatively a "tiny amount of oxygen to ONLY a few muscle cells, ONLY after

RISKING THE HEART at a target level heart rate, threatening cardiac arrest. 

Google Dr. Al Sears in Florida; extensive research proves new findings of many marathon runners' cardiac arrests, failure, fatalities, and autopsies for those marathon runners whose lives are cut short with heart disease. Autopsies show 4 to 5 times the normal size hearts in many marathon runners who've been running for YEARS!

Ask Margaret Hampton about her husband's demise, too soon, only in his 40s.

A marathon runner for decades, his autopsy confirmed heart failure; 4 times the size of a normal heart. This is prevalent. Dr. Al Sears' extensive studies confirm this.

Imagine YOU and each oxygenating "body" NOT ever getting cancer, heart disease, diabetes, any chronic or acute illness, disease, brain, or mental disorders; i.e.,

#ALS, #ParkinsonsDisease, #epilepsy, #autism, #ALZHEIMERS disease, #dementia, #ADHD, #ADD, #bipolar #depression, #PostPartem depression, #arthritis, etc.

As a two time cancer survivor, *O²Breakthrough®'s saving my life, still, for decades.

Top endocrinologists, physicians of Internal medicine see my tsh blood work results:

Normal reading of tsh pituatary is .24 to 2.4, 4 is high normal. My reading? ~> 150.

My diagnosed, decades ago, radiated, destroyed thyroid gland, showing always -0- thyroxine, compounds this. They're shocked: "You should be dead! How are you alive? "

"O²Breakthrough® must somehow compensate, a breakthrough keeps you alive!"

YOU are the reason my invention, life's work, devoting decades, devoted to *YOU:

Research, devoted to ENDING disease, pain, developing THE easiest, healthiest way:

SHARING, gifting you these very unusual, feel good all day 24/7, only minutes daily,

O²Breakthrough® is about *YOU and about dedication to serving, saving lives. Take a look: it's about *YOU!

 At only 19 years old, obese, a zero thyroid -0- metabolism, "WORLD's WORST" 

My "after photos" better by day, DECADES after: "unretouched" NO photo shop to help
Zna Decades After Body, Legs -  Take a look, see what they're saying:

"GREAT results, very quickly! They're "so happy!" This is quoting friend, mentor,  David Abramson, genius, writer, author, in his objective observation of my many years' work:

 *You Tube* video views, reviews, peruse clients' successes, stunning, stellar stories:

My You Tube Channel:
Twitter videos: 
Facebook page:

O2 Oxygen Easy - Beautiful Body by Zna 

Leading physicians, scientists, physiologists, renowned celebrities, television, media, community leaders recommend *O²Breakthrough® for unlimited life saving benefits:  
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Even if you're innocent, you're probably not going home with that money. ...
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You're going to make your DAD's & you happiest! Best Fathers' Day GIFT, EVER. GET gift best for him that he'll love: Mike's 2nd video shares his friend, just recovering from a stroke at 76 years old, who could barely string a few words together, lose 50 LBS., become,

AGAIN, an eloquent keynote speaker. 76 year old Elsom Eldridge, Jr., completely anti-ages, smooths OUT ALL WRINKLES on his face, only "crow's feet" smile crinkles outside his eyes. Elsom was inspired by Mike Wesely's burning belly OFF 10" and Mike's double chin ... WOW:

GONE in ONLY 1 week, and the excess fat, 45 LBS. GONE, to a 31 inch waist, in the best athletic condition of his life, better, broader shoulders, than as a high school, college athlete, Love your DAD best! Father's Day BEST gift; get him safest, healthiest NOW. Mike burns belly 10" OFF, double chin GONE 1st week! OFF all 10 #heart 

  #PAIN meds ASAP! He was bent over in excruciating pain, just casually walking just minutes before calling me. With his two prior heart surgeries, at age 43, and 47, due to a 95% widow maker's valve heart blockage, being a single dad, 3 sons, youngest only 14, leaving loved ones behind, as a single dad devoted to being with sons's 

NOT an option. Mike's #O2 oxygenating breakthroughs brought better athletic condition than as college athlete, broader shoulders, same 31" waist he'd had in high school. Your DAD whom you love with all your heart, will thank you for this best gift, his feeling fantastic, easily, comfortably, conveniently

IN ONLY MINUTES a DAY doing oxygenating, he, as well as you, and all whom he loves, and who you love, will love this, be his happiest, youngest, healthiest, and more powerfully living his dream life now! It's fun, easy, and for this celebration, big savings make it easiest for you.
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*O²Breakthrough® saves lives; #CHILDREN depend on us. 

Ensure your child's safest, healthiest highest immunity: life!

Give them their best #DNA! Lengthen, strengthen strands of
your DNA, first, prior to conception! Parents' DNA, health
affects their children even prior to your family planning.

Turn #telomeres on before conception, during 
gestation, as babies for their best academic, athletic,
physical, mental, intellectual power, prowess. Give them
their most beautifully brilliant minds, radiant health, beauty! 
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* O²Breakthrough® Celebrity *Peak Performance Proven Training OnlyOneMinute7000CalorieBurn® END #cancer #HeartDisease 

GET cancer survivor's O²Breakthrough® *Global FB
Beat cellulite *EAT clean cuisine END cancer, disease, diabetes, aging

#SaturdayShow #Secrets 7 AM PST/ 10 AM EDT/ 3 PM GMT  Replay 24/7 * Be on the show!
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Baked Potato Wedges w/Herbs * Organic * 

2 large organic red potatoes, unpeeled
3 T. Organic Coconut oil at 3 T.
1 T. All Natural Organic Butter
1½ tsp. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
¾ tsp. fresh ground black pepper
1 tsp. minced fresh organic garlic
2 tsp. minced fresh organic rosemary leaves
1 tsp. organic oregano flakes

Preheat the oven to 500 degrees.

*Scrub the potatoes, cut them in half lengthwise, then cut each half in thirds lengthwise. You'll have 6 long wedges from each potato. You can cut thinner if you desire.

*Place organic red potatoes in a large bowl and season with the coconut oil, All Natural Organic Butter, Pink, Himalayan Sea Salt, fresh ground pepper, ground from peppercorns into bowl, fresh organic garlic, organic oregano and organic rosemary. With clean hands, toss all the ingredients together, making sure the potatoes are covered with oil. Spread the potatoes in a single layer on a sheet pan, lined with parchment paper lined pan, with skin side down. You'll love this:

*Bake the potatoes at 500 degrees for 20 min. or until they are lightly browned, crisp outside, and tender inside. Serve hot as 20% of the dinner or lunch entré. These secrets shared below delight many now.

To ensure optimal digestion, best energy, anti-aging beauty of body, skin, hair, nails, eyelashes, follow our nutrition guidelines here:  Baking at 500 degrees for a minimum of 20 minutes. World renowned author, La Dean Griffin, HEALTH in the Space Age and IS ANY SICK AMONG  YOU supports my proven training trade secrets: *O²Breakthrough®  taught me this trick: baking all potatoes at 500 degrees converts starch to easily digest glucose, to feed energy, brain cells, and precludes storing into fat cells. This affords your digestion, best absorption, assimilation, thus anti-aging you, all your cells. Best nutrition feeds healthy cells. My nutrition guidelines include this, above, proven with many thousands to average 7 to 12 LBS. lost the first week with no counting calories, carbs: no deprivation diets. Feast, enjoy:

SAVOR flavor serving 80% portion of this meal with any combination of organic power greens in a salad; i.e., kale, spinach, beet greens, mustard greens, arugula. Part portion can be appetizers, crudités as traditional French appetizers consisting of sliced or whole raw organic vegetables. Be sure to follow me on Twitter. DM me for gifts: *
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