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O²Breakthrough® Celebrity *Peak* Performance Proven Training OnlyOneMinute7000CalorieBurn® Global FB *
O²Breakthrough® Celebrity *Peak* Performance Proven Training OnlyOneMinute7000CalorieBurn® Global FB *


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Leading physicians, scientists, physiologists, renowned celebrities, television, media, community leaders recommend *O²Breakthrough® for unlimited life saving benefits: 

Take a listen to  clients talk about burning their 7,000 calories

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O2 Oxygen Easy - Beautiful Body by Zna 

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This is the most exciting breaking news for YOU, now:

"THE MOST important  historic human health breakthrough" world renowned research scientists say, globally!" Save your life, now!

For a limited time, save hundreds now, today ONLY $39.97
This is exciting breaking news for YOU and all whom you love!

Save your lives. Be BIOLOGICALLY younger inside out, head to toe, more brilliantly beautiful, more powerful in your thinking, feeling, doing all you want in your life! What's wanted worldwide? O²Breakthrough®! 

Get GIFTS on our Saturday Show LIVE 7 AM PST/ 10 AM EDT for FUN,
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Come and ask questions, be on the air, call 1 718 506-1574. Chat here: * Press 1* to be on the AIR! 

Dare desire, definitively design destiny, dreams coming true for *YOU!

Decades document many thousands' dreams coming true, shocking all seeing them, accusing these of "having work done" when ONLY O²Breakthrough®  gives these thousands the  "Fountain of Youth* to BE BIOLOGICALLY YOUNGER!

LOOK of your naturally youngest you, silky soft smooth skin: look as IF

YOU just had any cosmetic procedure, but ONLY O²Breakthrough® to 

DO for YOU your youngest *YOU yet, naturally, and inexpensively, and healthfully, ONLY  O²Breakthrough® non surgical trade secrets get

YOU, stunning young you, so you're immediately accused by others of:

FACE Lifts, EYE Lifts, Tummy Tucks, Liposuction, Breast Lifts, Pec Augmentation, Breast Augmentation, Body Lifts. Even morbidly clients losing 100 LBS. and more NEVER require skin removal surgery! 

The O²Breakthrough® steps up your own #elastin    and #collagen   production, as well as natural adult stem cell production increase in your bone marrow so you can BE BIOLOGICALLY your youngest ASAP!

O²Breakthrough®  BIOLOGICALLY, is you getting your cells regenerated, turning #telomeres  on, lengthening, strengthening strands of your DNA so you are getting younger cells every day!

With silky soft baby skin, all looking decades younger, all love the look!

The   #elastin  and #collagen   production preclude EVERY needing any surgery; cosmetic surgeons agree "O²Breakthrough® is the Fountain of Youth!  These clients are loving how good they look, feel ASAP: <~Enjoy!

"O²Breakthrough®  ," world renowned  say is THE most important historic health discovery since beginning of human life.

 Dr. John Glidden, SIX year Director over the University of Utah Human Performance Research Lab and his colleague, a  head agree. These two are excited to know, learn, feel these breakthroughs which make ALL OTHER exercises "archaic," and inefficient!

Dr. Glidden sees O²Breakthrough®'s astonishing record research results of comparative scientific studies; O²Breakthrough® is compared through extensive research over a thirty period on all measurable performance levels to every other kind of traditional training, including cardiovascular training, as #running or #swimming or
#cycling or #elyptical or aerobics, and weight training, and flexibility training; i.e., #yoga and #pilates and martial arts disciplines.

See scientific studies showing comparative research results here: See why you want these!

All facets of the comparative research is included, including measuring lean muscle, tissue mass in body mass index, and body fat measurements scientifically processed by under water testing for the most accurate results.

Dr. Glidden and his Navy SEAL colleague want to learn O²Breakthrough®, so search for me, find me, experience these breakthroughs first hand. Result?

"These are #scientific and #medical  breakthroughs  which will turn the entire #health and #fitness and #antiaging industry upside down worldwide," is Dr. John Glidden's immediate response, astonished, amazed, and excited.

Dr. Glidden and Navy Seal head trainers, including his colleague who's discovering these breakthroughs with him, agree. These Navy Seals say "superior, surpassing #SEALS training in every way, O²Breakthrough®, as professional and Olympic athletes find.

The dangerous deadly #Gforces    are rendered NO longer a threat to deep sea diving  #NavySEALS , nor to high altitude #pilots    or  with #astronauts.

*O²Breakthrough® empowering, strengthening, protecting every cell. You, too, will become "super human" as scientists, Navy SEALS see it, surpassing everything you've ever wanted to do with your body. Lengthen, strengthen strands of your DNA, TURN  ON!

Why do all, as Dr. John Glidden, search for me, want, do O²Breakthrough®?

"O²Breakthrough®  " world renowned #research   #scientists   say, is "SOLE SOURCE of unprecedented, unparalleled MASSIVE  cell delivery ASAP!" In YOUR first second, you'll feel, see, seconds, later, miracles!

See it for yourself in seconds, MIRROR moments in a handheld mirror!

Scientists say, "sole source: HUGE immediate cell delivery is YOUR invention, your life's work: "O²Breakthrough®!" Why is this important? READ this stunning, stellar article to better understand:

Take a moment, peruse, see scientific studies, comparative research results: 21 times MORE weight loss over ALL OTHER EXERCISES, yet

SIX times MORE muscle mass OVER all other exercises, EVEN power lifting, weight training, traditional body building. The results, studied, examined thoroughly over months by world renowned research scientists compels them to do their OWN research. See studies here:

#JunaleeRoberts  Ms. Roberts, their RN research colleague, with her masters in research science, a happily willing participant learned these

*O²Breakthrough®  trade secrets, totally new for her as every human finds. In ONLY SEVEN minutes of actual exercise, her first learning time, Junalee BURNS 7,000 calories! This is A THOUSAND CALORIES PER MINUTE! Compare this to 100 calories an hour walking, or even 1000 calories an hour with the most powerful traditional training; i.e.,     #P90X   estimated 1,000 calories an hour is far surpassed by our
thousands of calories burned in mere minutes: O²Breakthrough®☀️PROVEN *Peak Performance: ☀️OnlyOneMinute7000CalorieBurn® ☀️

Dr. Bob McReavy and Dr. DeVault explain the process of their research, studying in 12 hour intervals of FOUR, the extraction of her urine showing HUGE, unprecedented amounts of LIPID FATS in each of these FOUR intervals, with EVEN THE LAST, FOURTH interval of 12 hours showing still a huge amount of lipid fats. What does this mean?

As a #scientist        explained to #Oprah     Winfrey when queried, on her   SHOW "Where does the fat go after it is burned?" 

He answers her: "It goes out the respiratory system in the carbon dioxide, and through the excretion of lipid fats in the urine."

These research scientists at the University of Utah Medical Research Center, took time to explain WHY their results of their own research, AND their understanding, after thoroughly examining adjacent University of Utah Human Performance Research Laboratory's documented research studies, scientifically, comparatively show


These research scientists explained why these were such huge differences in every way measured with the oxygenating techniques, O²Breakthrough®  to cell delivery trade secrets, comparing

ALL OTHER EXERCISES, INCLUDING THE DEEP DIAPHRAGMATIC RIB CAGE BREATHING, as in hundreds of years old #yoga   and  thousands of years old #kigong     or #Tibetan  Rites and #Tao      Breathing ARE ONLY A minuscule, tiny amount of oxygen comparatively.

All other exercises effect only a tiny amount of oxygen getting to ONLY a few muscle cells, whereas O²Breakthrough®  IS A HUGE, unprecedented, unparalleled amount of oxygen immediately delivered to every cell,

INSIDE OUT, head to toe, in our body. This immediately burns fat, at thousands of calories in only minutes, and for many, 7,000 calories burn in THEIR FIRST MINUTE. This takes the discovery for which  Dr. Otto Warburg, the #physician ,    makes for which he receives the #NobelPrize        to a stunning world changing, life saving answer to #cancer   .

Dr. Otto Warburg's international award in #medicine    is for his discovery #oxygen   kills #cancer   ! Google this information, and discover what oncologists are still explaining to me about oxygen making the body cells an environment "hostile to cancer" making it IMPOSSIBLE for cancer cells to live or grow. Why do oncologists tell me my    :

O²Breakthrough®☀️PROVEN Peak Performance * OnlyOneMinute7000CalorieBurn®

IS this answer to cancer Dr. Otto Warburg is seeking when he talks about oxygen making body cells hostile to cancer? It is the SOLE source of this immediate delivery of HUGE amounts of oxygen infused into our body cells which makes it far beyond any other oxygen delivery.

A hyperbaric chamber physician confirms this when learning about O²Breakthrough®☀️! Approached by #SkyeWinslow   in the 2000s, this hyperbaric chamber physician learns our O²Breakthrough® oxygenating trade secrets far exceed the reach, effect of oxygen delivery to the cells, far beyond the benefits of hyperbaric chamber #oxygen .

Skye, a prime time TV talk show host for PM Magazine in 1987, she burns 8 LBS. and 19 inches in ONLY 24 hours doing O²Breakthrough®!

☀️ Skye shocks all her devoted TV viewers and raises her two baby daughters Laura and Sara on O²Breakthrough®, brilliant, beautifully emanating how their own DNA show astonishing results as grown women, now. See more here:  * * * * #Oncologists  telling me for decades   #OXYGEN   kills #cancer    is enough for you to want to know this cancer answer for you, all whom you love. Why do so many ignore these facts. Do your Google searches on cures for cancer, see why this is not yet mainstream. It's your life.

YES, Dr. Otto Warburg, a Nobel Prize winning scientist, physician discovers oxygen  kills cancer! All the oncologists and research scientists  discuss my oxygenating breakthroughs, and  explain this to me, and the significance of this safe and natural, healthy way to deliver oxygen as making the body's cells a "hostile environment which makes it impossible for  cells to live or grow." The article confirms this.
Fight Cancer Head-On with Exercise
Fight Cancer Head-On with Exercise
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