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An update on Webmaster Tools

We've made the new Search Analytics report available to a random sample of our users .

Some of you might notice that they now have access to it in their Google Webmaster Tools account, under Search Traffic in the left navigational menu. If you're among the new testers, I hope you'll enjoy using the report. Let us know what you think in the comments,

PS: The new report currently has less than 90 days of data, but it will catch up in the next few days
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If I select a single search, how do I get back to the whole list of searches?
Ahh, it's in the fine print, thanks. 
when i go to some website in google webmaster tools, on top right corner, it is written please select a site although i have already selected one. This is a bug in webmaster tools that need to be fixed. there are many others as well. Is there a way to report them ?? #Zineb   #webmastertools   #wmt  
+Afsheen Ali This is one way of reporting it :) The team is aware of the bug with the site selector drop down list. It will be fixed in the next few weeks hopefully.
Alright :) thank you for the quick response :) here is another one. In search analytics (new feature) whenever I select more than 10 records and switch it to select pages from queries or countries or devices. It jumps to 10 automatically. And we need to select that again from drop down.
At bottom, it is written Show [10 Rows ] ... I select 25 or 50 in queries and switch to pages from top. It goes to default 10 evrytime I switch between queries , pages, countries etc 
This is set to 10 rows by default. Working as intended for now.
Hi +Zineb Ait Bahajji - not got access yet but wondered will the Search Analytics be limited to 90 days like the current Search Queries?

Can't wait to gain access to this! How long before it gets rolled out to everyone? 

+Adair Cameron​ yes, Search Analytics will also show data for the last 90 days. Owners should download the data regularly if they want to keep all of it (same as for the former Search Queries report).

Zineb can you sign me up for this beta?
+Denis Pinsky​ this time the report was made available to a random sample of webmaster tools' users. Signing someone up wouldn't help.
When it will be applicable to all users?
Ich muß zugeben Zineb hat Recht. I feel lucky now. 
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