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Google Webmaster Tools News : You can now see index status data for your HTTPS sites and subdirectories.

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Webmaster Level: Intermediate The Google Webmaster Tools Index Status feature reports how many pages on your site are indexed by Google. In the past, we didn't show index status data for HTTPS websites independently, but rather we'd included everything in the HTTP site's report.
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Hi Zineb, thanks for the update. Can I also have the "Not Selected" information back? I know why Google removed it but maybe you could put it back just for me?  :-P

No, really, it was very useful to me.
+Enrico Altavilla , the "not selected" data was creating more confusion among webmasters than actually helping them, that is why it was removed :) 
How about +1 metrics? we had them at one point and then they were gone. I'd really like to see the same Google+ metrics available on the Google Places pages dashboard on visible for standard brand pages as well. Google Webmaster Tools seems like a good place for these statistics.
Hi +Zineb Ait Bahajji please could you explain what it means updaed on 9th of March : is it accuracy or simply the split between http and https ?
+Mohammed ALAMI this means that we started to aggregate data for different protocols and sections on March 9th. 
Data before March 9th was still aggregated.
But I don't want to see data for subfolders in separate configuration. My site has tons of subfolders and I want to see them all as part of the same site. HELP!!!!!!!!
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