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New Google blog post : Creating the Right homepage for your international site
A few useful reminders and guidelines.

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If you are doing business in more than one country or targeting different languages, we recommend having separate sites or sections with specific content on each URLs targeted for individual countries or languages. For instance one page for US and english-speaking visitors, and a different page ...
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But would I redirect via 302 and not 301?
Good question above and what about redirecting googlebit normally thr home page should be reachable by google right otherwise lijk equity will not flow to 302 target page! Right ?
+Boyan Sabev I'm guessing it's because the redirect is conditional (on language or location) and therefore not, in the strictest sense, permanent.
OK, but since 302 doesnt pass pagerank, how are you going to rank any of your pages, or even get them indexed if most external links point to your homepage? Sounds like a big disadvantage.
For a search engine, the conditional redirect is always going to go to only one regional variant of the site. If the condition is IP, the crawler's IP will determine which variant that is; if the condition is Accept-Language, it'll be whatever your conditional redirect defaults to, because the bot doesn't send an Accept-Language header.

This, to my mind, is worse than what's troubling you because it seems you'd end up with an unrepresentative distribution of PageRank to one regional page.

However, I imagine this is partly what x-default and hreflang-alternate is intended to help with. By describing your geo/language targeting mechanism to Google, it may be able to avoid these kinds of distortions. Maybe +Gary Illyes can confirm or deny?!    
Thank you for your excellent advices Zineb 
Nice Info I learn to be SEO Expert
So 301 or 302 for auto-redirect x-default homepage? ;)
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