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Zigurd Mednieks
Making things with Android. Contact information at
Making things with Android. Contact information at

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+Bob Frankston The G+ Help moderator +John Elstone suggesting posting the link to Photos, instead of sharing to G+ from Photos... That would be so lame if it works. This bug is a year old and has to be the lowest hanging fruit in the bug list. Here we go:

One of my followers informed me that I should post photospheres in an appropriate viewer. Puzzled by this comment, I checked the same post on Facebook and found no difficulty transitioning from a Photos preview to the photosphere viewer.

But, on Google plus you get stranded at the preview. It never makes the transition to the photosphere viewer. Is there a workaround to this problem? Should I be posting a link in to Photos? Any ideas?

Photosphere viewing in Google+'s browser UI appears to be broken. #deadsocialnetwork

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Rhode Island mini maker faire

When do new episodes of Top Gear get posted to Google Play?

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Telirati Tips #1 Sony RAW Noise and Bricking Problems and Solutions
Here we'll take a short break from mobile telecommunications, IoT, project management and other Serious Topics to cover a little photography. I recently found some commonplace problems with my camera, and solutions to those problems: Noisy RAW files Bricked...

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Google announced two new communications apps into an increasingly difficult environment for new entrants in messaging. Why did they do this?
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