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If you wanna see why +Gill S, +Felicity BB, +Yogi Anand, +Adam Lusk, +Anand Penmatcha+Ted Juch, and many others have gotten to this prestigious level, read here! :)

You can also read how +Kishan Pionero, +Bryan Patterson, Hyde, and I have become Rising Stars!

In the words of +Yogi Anand, let us keep Googling! :)

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+Google Drive has done it again! :)

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Now, it's easier than ever to share stuff: Starting today, you can insert files up to 10GB from Drive directly into an email without leaving your Gmail. 

Why I Love Google Chrome:

Even though my laptop is being shipped home from Texas today from HP, I can still get all of my apps and such by logging into Chrome and creating user profiles from my rental laptop.  It'll make it that much easier to delete the profiles and therefore my information as well...

And that's why I'm a Chromie... :P

#googlechrome #chromie

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Great feature notices by a fellow Google Forum Poster! :)
Just spotted a couple of new features in Docs in +Google Drive:
1.  When you create a new doc you now get prompted to give it a title, rather than leaving it as "Untitled Document"
2.  When you copy a doc (from within a doc) you now get prompted to give the copy a new name, like sheets has always done.

Many thanks to the +Google Drive team for these well-needed features.
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Clearly, this is a problem that is inherent to my major...

(Note:  That's MY powerstrip, but luckily I'm not the loner...)

Please +1 and reshare if I make you laugh... :)

Congrats to +Kishan Pionero for becoming our newest Rising Star! :)

Make sure you join all of us on the Google Docs/Drive forums if you have questions, problems, or require assistance so that we can make your Google Docs/Drive experience amazing! :)

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Here's what my view is from my lounge normally in the morning...  :)
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Hurricane Sandy in a city on the East Coast... :)  And the worst hasn't even hit yet!
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Hey All!

I know that some people already know, but in case you didn't, I have a site for Google Docs/Drive.  Check it out!  If you have any comments/suggestions, let me know! :)  I'm working on revamping it in the next few weeks and am searching for ideas!


FAQ | dziegmanondocs

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Saving the Google Docs World... one forum/Google+ post at a time :)
the coolest thing just happened (ok, well, it's happened over the past few weeks, really). +Ziggy Dziegman and the +Google Drive docs forums have helped me with a piece of a grad school project i only dreamed was possible! i find it incredible and heartwarming that a person i have never met responded to a question i posed on a G+ post and then made my idea a reality. +Google+ is a tremendous place to connect people!
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