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Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. Stay Walking
Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. Stay Walking

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When selfie done right.

Happy new year! 

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After 6 months' work, my first book "Letters to My Daughters on Love, Money and Other Life Lessons" is published today in Amazon. Please check it out. 5 days free promotion campaign starting from Sep 2. Thanks

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1, 股息 (Dividend) 股票投资中,获利的手段主要有两个:1) 股价走高之后,卖出,从而获利。2) 持有股票,享受公司所发的股息 (Dividend).  当然,不是所有公司都会每季度发股息(也叫派息),盈利差的公司自然不可能发股息,盈利好的公司如果仍然在高速发展的时期,会需要大量的现金来持续投资,或者准备可能的并购,通常也不会发股息。 发股息的公司通常  1)公司经营稳健,盈利水平高。2)未来的增长不会太快,不必留大量现金来继续投资。3)公司已经把派息作为回报股东的方式。有些公司连续几十年每季度都...

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美股投资(3)简单的例子说期权 Option
假设你打算几年内结婚,丈母娘要房子。正好你看上一套还不错,你可以选择现在马上用100万买下,或者开发商同意你用110万在三年内买下。如果选择后者,那就是期货交易:除非合同解除,否则你必须买,开发商必须卖,价格也必须是110万。期货是最简单的金融衍生,投机性不大,而且没有杠杆(必须全额付出)。它的前提是你和开发商对未来三年的房价的预期不同,你看涨,他看跌。如果你是对的,三年内房价涨到200万,开发商就亏了,因为他还要以110万的价格把房子卖给你。反之,如果房价大跌,你就亏了。这就是期货。 那什么是期权呢? 如果...

What are the most important things I want to teach my kids? (My Quora answer)

I have 2 daughters and I have given this some thoughts, and here is the long list of things I want to teach my kids (teaching):

1) Be NICE, have empathy. Understand everyone you met in your life has his/her story, they all have loved someone, and lost someone. They might not have been nice to you sometimes, but maybe they just had a bad day. Just be nice to them.

2) Do not take yourself too seriously. You might think a lot of people care about your opinion, they do not. You should take work very seriously, but it is perfect fine to make fun of yourself. 

3) Imagine your perfect SELF and working to get to that. Everything is created twice, so it is important to know what kind of person you want to become, and take actions to get there. 

4) Read, Read, and read a lot of books. Most great men are dead, and the best way to learn from them is through reading the books of them or by them. A good book is like a good friend, and you will enjoy the conversations with him/her.

5) Speaking of friends, it is OK to not to have a lot of friends. A true friend is hard to come by in life, be grateful for the the ones you have. Many people will come to your life at one point, and will go away soon enough. Move on with your life, and the true friends are those that you want to stay in touch even you guys are millions of miles away.

6) Never stop learning. School is just the starting point, and you should learn something every single day. 

7) Help others when you get the chance. Consider yourself the lucky one being able to offer help. Do it in a way with no expectation of any return.

8) Speaking of lucky. Do you realize how lucky you are? From the first Chinese caveman to a beautiful life as you, what is the odd? Remember there are 5,000 years, >10 dynasty and countless wars etc..

9) Do not give in to peer pressure. There will be times in your life that it feels like "I have to smoke that cigarette", or "I have to drink this", because everyone else in your class/office is doing such. Do not! Everyone is doing it does not make it right, and you need to stick to your values.

10) Life is not fair, and the sooner you realize it, the better. That said, if you have power to make something more fair for people, do it. If you do not, just accept this and make the best of what you got.

11) Embrace technology, but do not spend too much time on friends baby pictures (they are always very cute btw), use those to learn (know who to follow, which site to visit etc)

12) Be careful and smart about your online identity. Do not post or share anything you might not like to be associated with the day after.

13) Study history, not to remember what event happened each year, but to identify the patterns of history. Everything gonna to happy already happened some point in history. There is nothing new under the sun. 

There are many things underrated in life:

1) The PAIN/failing. This make you stronger and also make the happiness more enjoyable. People celebrate success, but pain/failing is equally important, if not more.

2) A plan. Before you do anything, or going anywhere, over-plan it! Be prepared something will go wrong, and have a plan b.

3) The power of the 2 magic words: "Sorry" and "Thank you". You will be surprised how much you will benefit if you say those 2 words often.

4) Cooking. Many people never took the time to learn this, but there are a lot of pleasure in it, such a wonderful experience to be able to prepare a good meal for your loved ones. Also super easy to learn.

5) A sense of humor. Never be someone boring. 

6) Parenting. Some people will tell you this is the most fulfilling experience,  it is! It is also super difficult job which require a lot of time and learning (thank you for being in my life be patient with my flaws as a dad).

7) The "normal" everyday life. You do not need to go far to enjoy the nature and peace, you are being surrounded by those everyday, and it is yours if you want to get it. 

8) A smile on your face, and how it can make everyone around you so much happier. 

There are many things overrated in life:

1) Holiday. Do we really need holiday to remind us why certain things/people are so important to us?

2) Wedding. Daddy will happily pay for your Harvard/MIT or whatever, but I will not pay for your big wedding. It does not make sense to put yourself in debt, just to invite 300 people you might not even know their names. Plus, wedding should be the starting point of something great, there are many other ways to build happy memories.

3) Traditions. Feel free to pick whatever your believe make sense, and ignore the rest. Every culture has its own pros and cons. Do not let those define who you are.

4) Brand/celebrity and looks. Those are all products of expensive marketing campaigns. 

5) Chinese medicine. Unless it is being tested in modern lab, do not take it.

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What are the most important things I want to teach my kids? (My Quora answer)
What are the most important things you should teach a kid? Zhang Tao I have 2 daughters and I have given this some thoughts, and here is the long list of things I want to teach my kids (teaching): 1)  Be NICE, have empathy . Understand everyone you met in y...

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Love #autoawesome  

Beautiful view of Google Syd office with 2 photo stitched together, better than pano view

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首先要确认的是, 演讲水平是可以通过训练提高的。很多今天满身魅力的演讲者都有自己的“青葱岁月”,都是通过有意识的训练而达到今天的水平的。 而关于怎样训练提高演讲水平,网上的资源很多。我的个人经验如下: 练习,练习,不断的练习。 不管有多好的技巧,没有练习就不可能有台上的精彩表现。最好在练习的时候, 找朋友或同事做观众,并提出改进的意见。或者你可以自己录像, 自己观摩:我个人经验是,不管自我感觉如何良好,事后看视频总有可以很多提高的地方。Practice make perfection. 早去现场,排除“隐患”...
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