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"The kids are listening, maybe to a simplistic message, maybe to a misguided cause. But some portion of them will keep looking, listening and learning. Such moments have long-terms consequences." Spot on.
I especially appreciated your comment, "This time, thanks to the emergence of a global networked public that can now talk back, a simplistic call is rapidly evolving into a multilayered discussion.". This is where the real value of the Internet and social media elucidate the complexity of most issues. It's rarely clear cut, black or white, about what causes an incident or what the possible solutions might be. But with the online dialog that emerges after an initial posting, or even a viral topic, we can become more engaged and hear from voices far from our own little worlds. Many times, if the follow-on comments are civil and thoughtful, even from people whose opinions differ from our own, we can still learn additional facts and better understand perspectives.
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