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My latest bit about "Digital Dualism" - - and how the online and offline integrate and change the world (rather than stand in separate planets). Inspired by +david carr talking about +Clay Shirky's bread recipes... But it's stuff I've been thinking about for a while:-)

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A post I wrote recently about the #freemona campaign:
+Zeynep Tufekci on the #freemona campaign to release Mona El Tahawy. Very insightful discussion of the possibilities and limits of social media.

Hey, folks! Do you have cold weather gear for toddlers/babies/kids you'd like to donate to the survivors of the Van earthquake in Turkey's very cold Eastern region? I'm taking donations to Turkey (leaving Thursday afternoon) and can check in an extra suitcase for free--which I plan to stuff with whatever I collect!

I learned from aid workers in the region that keeping kids/toddlers was an extra challenge as many donations are for adults clothes. I'm looking for cold weather gear --snowsuits and such--not sweaters which they have. Email me at socnetres at or contact me here or through Twitter @techsoc if you can get cold weather clothes for kids to North Carolina by Thursday--or hand them to me in person this Tuesday (10/25) in Boston or Cambridge (giving a talk at Shorenstein Center at noon at Harvard). Please share as appropriate.

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I'm in Tunis, Tunisia, attending the 3rd Arab Bloggers Conference... It's been pretty amazing so far. Here's a write-up of the first day:

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Getting ready for my talk tomorrow at Berkman Center for Internet and Society:

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I just wrote about downsides of "big algorithms" and too few humans in the context of the yahoo email filtering out #occupywallstreet url but it also touches upon the real name issue. Well, also pertains to G+, Facebook, etc. There are too many systems being run on big algorithms with too little human oversight.

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An interview with me and others on the ongoing saga of "real name" policies. (I know some people are sick of this argument but I happen to think these are really important decisions and am baffled by the way it's been handled).
UNC SILS Professor speaks...

This week's CBC Spark podcast:

"Google+ has a strict real name policy demanding people divulge their identity. Blogger and Professor Zeynep Tufekci discusses the need for “pseudonymity” – the right to an online alter ego, while blogger and tech evangelist Robert Scoble defends the policy. We also hear from a scientist about why it is so important for those in the science community to be able to write freely and anonymously online. (Runs 17:26)"

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Here's a post I wrote about how social media changes dynamics of collective action under autocracies, kindly shared by +Howard Rheingold
There's so much hot air blowing around about the role of social media in events from Tahrir Square to the London riots. "Technosociologist" Zynep Tufekci knows her stuff. Forget the simplistic arguments pro and con Malcolm Gladwell. Here is some nuance.

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Here's the SXSW panel with me, Liz and Biella. I mostly want to go so that Liz can certify me as real:-)
YOU! go vote for my panel! But because I am way too egalitarian and namby pamby feministy bring everyone into the great circle of awesome to just say "pick me!": go vote for all these panels that I like, too!

If you have comments on the panel I'm on, which is here: Please go comment on the SXSWi site so that the panel will look INCREDIBLY POPULAR (which it will be!)

Note, if this panel happens it will vastly increase the chances of my actually following through on the LOLcat Delusion project.

But also go vote for all my friends and blog-crushes. THANKS Y'ALL.

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My contribution to the "real names" debate: I argue that enforced "real" names are not just wrong; they're bad for business if your business is creating an thriving online platform. Real people, not real names, is what Google+ should be going for. (cc +Jillian C. York )
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