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Worth 30,000 words per second: Two new videos

KingRaptor has made two new videos for Zero-K. The first is a gameplay features trailer:
Zero-K Gameplay Features Trailer

The second is a just-for-fun fake anime-style opening video for ZK:
Zero-K (fake) Opening Video

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Zero-K v1.1.4.0 with Spring 94.1

After fighting through a swarm of bugs we are ready to release a version of Zero-K compatible with Spring 94.1. We've been hard (and slow) at work fixing compatibility issues and working around new engine bugs. There are many important fixes in this engine version so hopefully it has been worthwhile.

Non-ZKL users will need to update their engine but with the appearance of Weblobby and static builds for Linux this should be easy.

== Engine ==

Pathfinding around terrain has been significantly improved. This is most noticeable for units with low slope tolerance and large turning circle. Units get themselves stuck on terrain much less often.

Plane related bugs have been fixed. There should no longer be an occasional plane which misses the airpad and has to be reclaimed. Bombers can be given orders after an attack ground order without messing up their queue.

Area of effect damage is now based on distance to hitsphere instead of distance to the center of a unit. This makes a lot more sense and fixes issues involving large units not take damage unless hit directly.

Apparently the whole game should run significantly faster.

== Other Changes ==

Bertha, Tremor, Pillager, Disco Rave Party, Behemoth, Warlord and Catapult no longer avoid terrain when aiming. This is either because they are good at knocking down walls or because they are too inaccurate and high trajectory for terrain to matter.

Gauss weapons deal predictable damage based on the footprint of the unit they are targeting. Scrubber damage has been increased from 90 to 110 to counteract this.

Chicken Swarmers can form writhing masses which packed densely enough. Watch out, they can flow over small barriers.

== Fixes==

* Modified overall mex values for Evergreen_Haven-Redux-v02, MountDustmoreV3, Riverbedv2
* Reduced center supermexes for FolsomDamFinal, Deadlands, Motkottava_Nakkivahvero-v01
* Moved metal spot from on top of geo spot in AquariusCrossing
* Fixed missing metal spots in Atuminoa, Quoth v1
* Fixed some structure hitvolumes which were large enough for attackers to hide inside.
* Outlaw vibrates when firing.
* Fixed crash while placing Missile Silo caused by some graphics cards.
* Fixed some small, rare crashes or bugs (as always).

For more info visit the forums:
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luckywaldo7 has uploaded some commentated replays of Saktoth vs GoogleFrog. Check them out!
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+Zero-K Doing Zero-K videos XD
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====== New illustration by Jeremy Gooch ======

Happy new year!!
Jeremy Gooch sent us a new awesome illustration for Zero-K.

If you want to get really high res (30MB)

enjoy :-)

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That's awesome illustration! 
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====== Zero-K v1.0.12.3 ======

Merry Christmas! Just a small update to keep your game experience in top shape for when Santa comes. Even for those of you who were more naughty than nice. Enjoy!

== Balance ==
* Flamethrower units do not avoid shooting friendlies (prone to labhax)
* Djinn automatically deploys when idle
* Restore old vehicle slopemods. They are now better at climbing hills.

== Graphics ==
* New heatray impact GFX
* Dante and Bantha have idle anims
* Fixed some irregularities with Dante's flamethrower

== UI ==
* Unit icons rotate to face camera
* Improved bomber dive tooltip

== Misc. ==
* Optimizations for terraform texture handler and reclaim HP handler
* Image Preloader is always on; disables itself if running after game start
* Units are instantly transferred when a player resigns using the give-when-afk system
* Fix Thug error on death

Comments, feedbacks are welcome:
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We've made a cinematic trailer for Zero-K, narrating some of the backstory of the game.
Check it out here!
Be sure to watch in HD ;-)

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Radier weekend special event! 

This weekend, raider units of Zero-K can roam freely, galloping in valleys, making laser shows and shooting plasma at singularities.

Staple low tech defensive structures defender and lotus are offline for maintenance :)
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===== Zero-K v1.1.3.6 =====

Major changes for this version are the ability to use priority for stockpile and morph, a Stiletto nerf and changes to the way keybinds are handled. There are also a lot of code changes a fixes.

The keybinds change has reset all keybinds. Players which modified keybinds through the ingame menu will need to rebind them. Players using uikeys.txt have a few options for keybind migration. More information is here

== Engine ==
For now we are sticking with the old engine (91.0) because the update has many bugs which we cannot fix. Most of the bugs which we can fix have been fixed.

Most of the remaining bugs are graphical bugs or crash bugs which occur for some people and not others. We cannot test for these bugs. To prevent future releases like this we just need some players to occasionally try the BLEEDING EDGE host to make sure it still works. Players who experienced bugs in 93.2 should do this frequently for now such that we can actually get an engine release that works.

== Morph & Stockpiling Priority ==
Now you can set priority to morph and weapon stockpiling just like regular construction priority.

== Balance ==

Large Shields:
* 5% less regen rate (60 -> 57 in all 3 cases).

* Stun Time 15s -> 13s
* EMP Damage reduced by 10%

* Can fire underwater

* Health 1300 -> 850

== Interface ==
* The new ZK keybinds system is now operational. See here for more information
* More keybind-able buttons added to EpicMenu interface.
* EpicMenu also allows player to use the old ui_keys.txt instead of the new ZK_keys.lua. Go to Settings/Misc to set this option.
* F4 now will also highlight ally wrecks in addition to enemy wrecks.
* Build ETA text now has an outline for better visibility.
* More buttons for unit visibility widgets in Settings/Graphics/Unit Visibility and Settings/Interface/Selection. ie: XrayShader, Outline, Halo, TeamPlatter and Spotter widget.
* Shadow setting now uses a slider.
* Added a "Select Next Player" button to Settings/Interface/Spectating.

== Graphic ==
Nuclear and Singularity explosions now create a bright lighting effect. This requires the engine settings MaxDynamicMapLight and MaxDynamicModelLight to be greater than 0.

== Widget ==
* Various improvements in COFC operation, such as smoother unit tracking.
* Map Edge Extension widget can now draw a curvature effect for the region outside the playable map (VFX). The fog effect at the playable map edge can also now be toggled.
* Added Commander Info (Comm-n-Elo Startpos. Info) widget that shows ally commander selection.
* The KeyboardMenu now has buttons for building units.
* The ShowAllCommands widget will now always show commands for current selection when "Show only on shift" is enabled. Its settings are now in Settings/Interface/Command Visibility.

== MetalSpot ==
* Added custom metal spots for PizzaTime_v02.
* Added custom metal spots for StormSiege_v3.
* Added custom metal spots for Grts_Messa_008.

== BugFixes ==
* Fixed Space+Click on player list not working.
* Rapier wreck now use new model instead of old one.
* Fixed commander facing direction during gamestart.
* Fixed Weaver wreck/debris giving 12/6 more metal than it should have.
* Fixed CAI continuing to work when its team is killed.
* Fixed rare case of unit exiting factory and not going idle (NoStuckInFactory widget).
* Fixed chicken queen kill award. Now players can get the queen kill award.

Add experimental impulse jumpjet option to ModOption. Requires Spring93.1.1++ and therefore is not enabled by default.

See you ingame!
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==== Zero-K v1.1.1.2 ====

Lots of improvements were made over the month. UI optimizations, bugfixes, a few new features. But not all the changes are good, for there's something strange in the neighborhood...

== New Halloween Ghost Possession gamemode (beta) ==
A galaxy is in danger, a new supernatural foe, ghosts possessing robots are stirring up trouble for it's rulers.
In this gamemode, you are required not only to conquer the galaxy, but make sure not to fall to ghost possession and become a sword that kills your own allies!

The rules are simple, damage (lower health to 1/3) or emp (any amount) to unpossess any unit or structure. There are 5 difficulty levels. Just pick up one and play with or against your friends with this supernatural foe that picks neither side!

== General ==
* AFK players transfer metal along with units.
* New set of loading screens.

== Commanders ==
* Peashooter benefits from modules.
* Fixed Bombard Commander build power.

== Units ==

* Cost 100 -> 120

Sumo - Weapon replaced:
* Scorpion style weapon.
* 120 dps each
* 320 range

* Damage 178 -> 220
* Health 550 -> 680

* Pulse 8% slower

Jumping units retain velocity and trajectory on morph

Merl renamed to Impaler

== GUI ==
* There has been a framework update which should dramatically increase performance. As a side effect some things look a bit different.
* Fixed a major performance leak.
* Set target command uses a circle instead of a rectangle by default.
* Added Newton defense range ring.
* Added persistent buildspacing widget. Buildspacing is now saved on a per-unit basis.
* Reverted A and F hotkey swap.

== Fixes ==
* SetTarget commands are now lost within 10-15 seconds from mobile units which out of LOS/radar.
* Fixed tactical AI failing to jink on approach when set to hold position.
* Fixed Nuke Silo's lack of self-damage.
* Fixed units getting stuck in factories when queued orders are completed.
* Fixed some labhax cases.

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Who ya gonna call???
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===== Zero-K v1.1.1.1 & Bombard Commander =====

A new commander has been added with model by CaptainBenz. The effect of the energy investment reimbursement system has been reduced.

== Commanders ==

* New Bombard Commander
* Battle Commander damage bonuses halved; removed artillery options.
* Strike Commander range bonus replaced with speed bonus (same percentages).
* New Rail Accelerator weapon mod for Gauss Rifle.
* Integrated Radar Module cost 450 -> 300.

== Overdrive Reimbursement ==

* Maximum repayment rate from 80% to 50%.
* Energy source repayment factor from 150% to 100%.

== Bugfixes ==

* Fix for lagmonitor transfers.
* Probable fix for overdrive irregularities.
* Fix Singularity reactor hitbox which could cause labhax.

== Interface ==

* Changed tooltips for Attack and Fight to make sense for their new default hotkeys; F for attack ground and A for fight. This is in line with all other RTS which use A for attack move.
* This change barely affects current players because hotkeys are only set to default upon a setting reset.

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 ====== Zero-K in the c't (26 / 2012) ======

Zero-K was published in the german magazine "c't" (-> ). It's the second most popular German language computer magazine.

You can read the article about us here:

Thanks for the article and your interest!
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====== Zero-K v1.0.12.2 ======

Lots of small fixes here and a few noticeable changes. Structures have become uncloakable to improve lategame raiding and FFA interaction. Saktoth has crafted a new LLT model and plans to finish a set of turrets. These release notes include changes from which was released 5 days ago.

== Balance ==

Comm shield normalized with Thug shield:
* Power 1000 -> 1250
* Regen 14 -> 16

Doubled teleport speed.

Structures are impossible to cloak with the exception of Claw (Wolverine Mine) and Sneaky Pete. Additionally Sneaky Pete can now self-cloak.

* HP 7k -> 6k.

* Pulse propagates 4x faster.
* Slow Damage 55 -> 75
* Normal Damage 75 -> 50

Removed targetmoverror for Scallop, Venom, Faraday and Warrior. They are better at hitting small fast things.

Firewalker and Tremor will fire even if a feature is obstructing their "aim".

Battleship and Behemoth can target gunships.

Comm Weapons
* Slowbeam Range 350 -> 400
* Assault Cannon Damage 320 -> 360
* Plasma Artillery (all versions) does 1/15 more damage

== Fixes ==

Fixed carrier transfer bug which caused them to exceed their drone limit. As an upshot capturing a drone or carrier does not affect the other units in the relationship. You can end up with drones housed at hostile carrier.

Dante can no longer turn while firing salvo. This helps prevent friendly fire.

Jump commands are removed at the end of a jump (as opposed to at the start). This means shift-queuing a self-d command at after a jump command has the desired effect.

Fixed the origin of lines drawn for teleport, capture, shield link and jumpjet UI.

* Fixed error upon Bantha death.
* Fixed rare bug in which jumpers would not move into jump range.
* Added Amphibious Factory to transport AI handling.
* Commanders gained after the battle starts are now spawned in the middle of the startbox.
* Single CAI spawns commanders in the middle of the startbox.
* Multiple CAIs on a team will spread out commander spawn locations.
* Fixed missing Blackdawn wreck.

== Visuals ==

* Prettier Flea and Dart weapon hit effect.
* Dirtbag has a jump animation.
* Added map icons for missiles.
* Increased Outlaw pulse transparency.
* Added linking arc from teleport beacon to the unit it is teleporting.
* New LLT model.
* Tidal generators have a proper wreckage.
* Rounded wheels for various Vehicles and Tanks.
* Improved Detriment and Bantha walkscripts.
* Messed with ally colours slightly.

== Other ==
* Replaced chicken comm penalty with Commander Junior.
* Added reasonable metal spot layout for Cooper Hill.
* Added "wasMorphedTo" UnitRulesParam to indicate that unit creation was due to morph.

For comments / feedback visit the forums:
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Thanks :)
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