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By Parthenon Entertainment. 2009  (23 min 39 sec)

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Mystery Files - Leonardo Da Vinci (Full Episode) (23 min 39 sec)

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National Geographic (non-HD):
Mystery Files: Leonardo Da Vinci (Part.1) (8 min 5 sec)
Mystery Files: Leonardo Da Vinci (Part.2) (9 min 15 sec)
Mystery Files: Leonardo Da Vinci (Part.3) (6 min 14 sec)
Full episode with subtitles in Greek:
Leonardo Da Vinci - Mystery Files - full doc (23 min 54 sec)


Monica Azzolini (Renaissance historian, lecturer, University of Edinburgh),  
Professor Paolo Galluzzi (director, Institute and Museum of the History of Science)
Dr Tobias Capwell (historian, expert and author of Medieval history) 
Professor Martin Kemp (expert in Da Vinci and Renaissance, University of Oxford)
Pascal Cotte (engineer, Lumière Technology)

Cited in this episode:

Eilmer of Malmesbury (c. 980-5 — c.1066) 

William of Malmesbury (c. 1095/96 – c. 1143) 

Konrad Kyeser (28 August 1366 – after 1405) 

Bellifortis (c. 1405) 

Mariano di Jacopo detto il Taccola (1382 – c. 1453) 

Francesco di Giorgio Martini (baptized 23 September 1439 – 1502) 

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci (April 15, 1452 – May 2, 1519, Old Style) 

Mona Lisa (c. 1503–1506, perhaps continuing until c. 1517) 

Pascal Cotte 

Lumière Technology 
The Mona Lisa Foundation - Lumière Technology 


Taccola - "Vitruvian Man" 

Leonardo Da Vinci - "Vitruvian Man" (c.1490) 


Producer & Director: Lisa Marconi
Series Producer: Richard Sattin
Executive Producer: Carl Hall
Director of Production: Danny Tipping

Unit Manager: Peter Guest
Director of Photography Haydn Denman
Sound Recordist: Derek Edwards
Narrator: Brian Dennehy

Editor: David Wilson
Original Music: Lenny Williams, Chris Biondo
Facilities: Barcud Derwen
Graphics: Simon Godfrey, Matt Wilson, Phillip Perry

Post Production Supervisor: David Whitehead
Production Assistant: Eleanor Davis

Production team: Andrew Peak, Chris Dundon, Delmi Thomas, Eithne McCrory, Jo Clark, Miles Howitt-Dring, Sean Wheatley
Drama Director: Ben Mole
Drama Line Producer: Jenny Thomson

Director of Photography: Peter Allibone
Production Designer: Jo Manser
Art Director: Russell Daly, Verity Scott
Costume Designer: Jan Marshall
Casting: Helen Pritchard, Andrea Wild

Special Thanks:
Institute & Museum of the History of Science
Lombardia Film Commission
Luc Viatour
Lumière Technology
Master and Fellows of Trinity College, Canbridge
Nevvit Dilmen Palazzo Tornabuoni
Sforza Castle
Sub Götingen Tasuke Haragayato

Director of Production Management: Greta S. Pittard
Vice President of Production Management: Addie Moray
Executive Producer: Joy Galane
Vice President of Development: Chris Hoelzl
Vice President of Production: Charles Poe

Executive Vice President of Programming and Production: David Royle
Produced by Parthenon Entertainment Limited in association with Barcud Derwen & the Wales Creative IP Fund
Copyright 2009 —Parthenon Entertainment Ltd

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