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Zen Web Design, webdesign, website design, internet marketing, mobile websites, Cairns Internet Marketing, Jurgen Kleijkamp
Zen Web Design, webdesign, website design, internet marketing, mobile websites, Cairns Internet Marketing, Jurgen Kleijkamp

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Over 4000 Facebook followers for Cairns Kids Activities! After my holidays to Holland I will step it up and be more active in providing great info for parents in the Cairns area.

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Today we celebrate our 2000th listing on Just Call Us. In 1 year time we have had 1500 new sign ups. Smart business owners know the internet can be a free marketing agent if you sign up for the right websites.

Working on a new website for a Yoga center in Cairns Far North Queensland. Exiting for all Yoga practitioners in the Cairns area.

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Just launched the fundraising website for Grant "Scooter" Patterson. Have a look and please do make a donation for 5 year old Justene! :)

Never us WordPress websites! Read below...  sounds cheap to get a WP website, but what a trouble you have with the constant updates and hacking attempts.

Update your WordPress website now to address a critical vulnerability: Alert Priority Moderate
WordPress has released a critical update to address a vulnerability that potentially leaves millions of websites worldwide open to attack.
The developers behind the content management system issued the update after researchers released a proof-of-concept exploit showing how an attacker could hijack a website running a vulnerable version of WordPress.
An attacker can insert script into a comment field on a WordPress website. The script is triggered when the infected comment is viewed. If the script is triggered by the website’s logged-in administrators, the attacker may be able to execute code on the server and change the administrators’ passwords, create new administrator accounts and access all other administrator privileges and tasks.
WordPress website administrators are advised to disable comments, including not approving any new comments until they apply the update. They should apply the update as quickly as possible.
Administrators should also strongly consider automating WordPress updates.
WordPress last week also issued a critical update to address multiple vulnerabilities, including a vulnerability that could enable an anonymous user to compromise a WordPress website.   

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Have been doing social media marketing for Cairns Kids Activities...
Pretty happy about the results!

Trying to setup a new server in Australia with one of the biggest companies called Crazy Domains. So 1,5 month ago I have asked to set it up so that I can start hosting php websites... you need a windows server. Now 1,5 month later they are trying to setup a linux server and still I am having issues with simple server procedures. NEVER USE CRAZY DOMAINS for you server needs. You're just a number and most of the people who work there do no care if you are getting frustrated with their lack of service. A manager server... both of those services don't work! Ridiculous! Good in making new costumers, but very bad in keeping them. #crazydomainsbadservice

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We have a new sponsor website project for 2015. Grant Scooter Patterson - see the movie: He's going to participate in the Cairns Iron Man to raise money for kids who need constant medical attention. Will show you when the website is live!
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