Spinning top in Japan is at the same time a souvenir, an interior decoration and an interesting toy.

And Kyoto spinning top – one of the oldest types of Japanese tops – is especially popular here.

Kyoto spinning top was born back in the heyday of the aristocracy in Japan.

It is said that Court Ladies in the Imperial Palace made the top by wrapping kimono cloth on the bamboo stick.

Over time, Kyoto spinning top began to spread among the common people of the city.

As most of Kyoto-born items, Kyoto spinning top is both cute and refined.

Now it continues to be popular among foreigners and Japanese alike.

This is not surprising - after all the tops can simultaneously be used as interesting souvenirs, bright interior stuff, and fun, unusual toys.

Children playing with Kyoto spinning top

One of the unique features of Kyoto spinning top is a method of its manufacturing.

Kyoto spinning top is made of bamboo stick covered with coloured wood tape.

Another characteristic feature of the Kyoto spinning top is its bright colour palette.

Because of this it immediately catches the eye, and can be used as an extraordinary decoration.

It is also popular among children - it is fun to watch bright colours succeeding each other while top is spinning around its axis.

Kyoto spinning tops, which are used as toys and interior decoration during New Year holidays

In Japan, Kyoto spinning top is popular as a toy not only among children but also among adults.

Indeed, as mentioned above, from the very beginning of its history in Japan top was used for entertainment in the palace court.

And in our time as well, the adult Japanese play traditional spinning top games during New Year or other traditional holidays.

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There are lots of types of Kyoto spinning top with a variety of colour options.

Among Japanese customers the most popular are the sets of three small, but different size tops.

They are so much fun in a company of friends! In addition, these tops are much cheaper than separate small tops.

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On a nearby shelf to a small spinning top in Japanese stores is sold a large spinning top.

Most often it is used for interior decoration, since its size is not always suitable for small children.

But sometimes adults themselves get these tops off the shelves to have fun and to remember their childhood.

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However, traditional variants of Kyoto spinning tops are not the only one popular in Japan.

There is also famous Kyoto spinning tops from a “Vegetables from Kyoto” series.

These tops are made in the form of vegetables, which are traditionally grown in the nearby areas of the city of Kyoto. Interestingly, the whirligig manufacturing method remains unchanged.

This design supposedly marks a new milestone in the history of Kyoto spinning top. There is, for example, a top, made in the form of the famous Japanese vegetable daikon (Japanese radish):

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Kyoto spinning top is so popular in Japan that the Japanese even create separate items which remind them of it.

We recommend these kanzashi (hair decoration), made in the shape of Kyoto spinning top.

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Despite its long history and temporary periods of decline, Kyoto spinning top today continues to exist and develop. It surprises everyone who has ever interested in it even for a short while, with the variety of its shapes and colours.

Let's try to find your own unique Kyoto spinning top!
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