Initially, Touken Ranbu is a Japanese collectible card video game, it got a great popularity in 2015 in Japan, and over the next year became known among fans of Japanese animation and games throughout the world.

Characters of Touken Ranbu are embodiments of the legendary Japanese weapons in the form of male warriors.

According to the plot they are guided by the will of the sage and travel to places of great historical battles to change the course of history.

Character design is developed with an involvement of many talented manga artists and developers of conceptual character designs for games and anime series.

Due to this feature, despite the huge number of characters, each of them makes an impact with originality and contrast to the others.

Sometimes they call Touken Ranbu opposite (or gender reversion) of another famous Japanese collectible card video game Kantai Collection, where the military ships took a shape of cute girls.

This is known as “moe anthropomorphism”, a form of anthropomorphism where “moe” qualities are given to non-human beings, objects, or phenomena.

As well as Kantai Collection, Touken Ranbu reached the heights of popularity which is crowned with anime adaptation.

Even two in their case: Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru (2016, ongoing), Touken Ranbu (2017).

Each month there are multiple announcements of future releases of various kinds of merchandise on Touken Ranbu.

Munechika Mikazuki is probably the most popular character who associates with the game and the universe of Touken Ranbu.

Recently a detailed 25-centimeter figure of this character was released:

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As well as 1\8 scale Kiyomitsu Kashu figure:

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Hotarumaru (left) and Sadamune Monoyoshi (right) Nendoroid:

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Among the nice little things there are many different sets of charms:

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Badges collection:

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*Release in the end of January 2017.

Acrylic stands:

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Rubber key chains with changeable facial expressions:

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And for those who are more into elegant accessories than nice little things, there are some designer shoes:

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*please note that pre-order only lasts until December 4, and the items ordered will be shipped in April 2017.

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