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From ancient times, there is a countless number of various works with Mount Fuji as motif.

Nowadays, this tradtion still continues, and some of the new items are really fresh and surprising.

The "FUJI ON THE ROCK 2" might soon become one of such items.

The point of this item is that you can turn ice when drinking whisky or other alcohol, into Mount Fuji itself.

Not only the shape is similar to Fuji, but due to unique structure, the ice is divided into white and transparent parts、which beautifully recreates the snow cover, characteristic of the mountain.

The shape changes differently everytime, so it wont let you get bored, and would become a perfect item for home parties♪

Your friends will like it!


1,296 yen (tax incl.)


If you are planning to use ZenMarket for the purchase, please add the above link to your shopping cart.
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Initially, Touken Ranbu is a Japanese collectible card video game, it got a great popularity in 2015 in Japan, and over the next year became known among fans of Japanese animation and games throughout the world.

Characters of Touken Ranbu are embodiments of the legendary Japanese weapons in the form of male warriors.

According to the plot they are guided by the will of the sage and travel to places of great historical battles to change the course of history.

Character design is developed with an involvement of many talented manga artists and developers of conceptual character designs for games and anime series.

Due to this feature, despite the huge number of characters, each of them makes an impact with originality and contrast to the others.

Sometimes they call Touken Ranbu opposite (or gender reversion) of another famous Japanese collectible card video game Kantai Collection, where the military ships took a shape of cute girls.

This is known as “moe anthropomorphism”, a form of anthropomorphism where “moe” qualities are given to non-human beings, objects, or phenomena.

As well as Kantai Collection, Touken Ranbu reached the heights of popularity which is crowned with anime adaptation.

Even two in their case: Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru (2016, ongoing), Touken Ranbu (2017).

Each month there are multiple announcements of future releases of various kinds of merchandise on Touken Ranbu.

Munechika Mikazuki is probably the most popular character who associates with the game and the universe of Touken Ranbu.

Recently a detailed 25-centimeter figure of this character was released:

Order here

As well as 1\8 scale Kiyomitsu Kashu figure:

Order here

Hotarumaru (left) and Sadamune Monoyoshi (right) Nendoroid:

Order Hotarumaru

Order Sadamune Monoyoshi

Among the nice little things there are many different sets of charms:

Order here

Badges collection:

Order here*

*Release in the end of January 2017.

Acrylic stands:

Order here 1

Order here 2

Rubber key chains with changeable facial expressions:

Order here

And for those who are more into elegant accessories than nice little things, there are some designer shoes:

Order here*

*please note that pre-order only lasts until December 4, and the items ordered will be shipped in April 2017.

And plenty other goods for every taste. Make your orders with ZenMarket!
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Aromatherapy is not only known as one of the relaxation techniques, but also as a way to cure certain health problems.

If you want to relax, but at the same time improve your health, this item is the perfect solution.

Benefits of Aroma therapy:

1. No stress

Aromatherapy has shown good results as a way to reduce stress.

2. Helps to fight depression

Some of the aromas, like citrus, tend to reduce depression. If you are in a bad mood or feeling blue, this aroma device will be your best mate.

3. Helps to concentrate

Some of aromas can help you to concentrate on your work or study.

4. Helps to improve blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure, aromatherapy can help you to lower blood pressure to a healthy range.

Using this aroma device you don't need to buy some special oils, as any aromatic oils are fine to use.

You can buy any aroma you want, just put it into the device and set a timer. Timer can be set for 5,10,30 and 60 seconds. You can set a mist period and the mist will spread after a set period of time.
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We would like to introduce best selling items in category "Sweets and snacks" right now.

1. Calbee's Jaga Pokkuru

Number 1 best seller is Jaga Pokkuru, which is easily one of the best potato snacks in the world.

It is made by Calbee, which is famous by its other potato snack - Jagabee, however, it doesnt come close to the Jaga Pokkuru.

Jaga Pokkuru is made purely from Hokkaido-grown high-class Japanese potato, while the salt for it is taken from Okhotsk Sea.

It uses special technology, where fresh potato with skin is cut in the shape of stick, and then fried, which allows the potato to retain its original taste and flavour.

At one point, it was so rare, that it was called "phantom snack".

Luckily, now it has become widely available and popular.

You can order Jaga Pokkuru from Rakuten through ZenMarket here.

2. Marusei Butter Sandwitch

This delicious sweet sandwitch by ROKKATEI CONFECTIONERY is best seller number 2.

The secret of its taste is the perfect harmony of soft, slightly sweet biscuit, and rich taste of the filling.

The filling is a mix of white chocolate, Marusei butter and raisins.

The ingredients are 100% grown and processed at Hokkaido, Japan.

The sweets are delivered in a fancy retro packaging,

which is an homage to famous Hokkaido explorer Yoda Benzo.

Please, purchase the product here.

3. Fresh walnuts from California

Have you ever thought of a snack, which is not only delicious, but good for your health?

This product is the answer.

Fresh walnuts contain α-Linolenic acid, which is an important source from which our blood vessels are created.

It can not be synthesized naturally in the human body, so we have to intake from the food.

Just 28g of walnuts per day will help you to receive daily necessary norm for the α-Linolenic acid.

Here you can purchase 1kg of fresh walnuts, grown in California, at the lowest price on Rakuten.

Special packaging prevents walnuts from oxidation, and helps to keep their original rich taste.

4. Fried almonds for health and beauty

Almonds are well-known for their positive influence on health and beauty.

That's why in Japan almond products (such as almond milk) are popular.

This product consists of 100% pure almonds from California, without adding salt or other flavouring.

Please, purchase here

5. Mega-set of delicious Baumkuchen from specialty shop!

Baumkuchen means "tree cake" in German, because its layers resemble tree rings.

This delicacy originates from Germany, however, it is a rare dish there.

Nowadays it is more popular in Japan, where it is available with various tastes.

This best-selling mega-set of 1kg offers baumkuchens with vanilla, cocoa, black tea, maple and honey tastes.

You get 500g of vanilla baumkuchen by default, and next 500g are mix from the chef.
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Let your little one be Winnie-the-Pooh or Donald Duck with cute Disney Costumes!

With a little Disney magic your kid can step into fairytale world.

All costumes are made from 100% polyester.

There are two sizes available 70 and 80.

68 cm around neck,

total length 60 cm,

length of the leg 19 cm.

Please note, that there might be 1-2 cm difference.

It's too cute and everyone will not be able to take their eyes off of your little hero. These perfectly designed costumes have not only cute characters, but also cool prints on the back side.

Soft, cute and cool, there is no one that can defeat your little hero's happiness.
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They are well-folded so that they look like origami, so you don't want to spread them out when you clean your glasses.

But don't worry as they goes back to the original shape really fast!

See the youtube below.

The cloths are made in pleats so that the folds won't go away.

That's why they go back to the original shape when you just toss them up.

Product name: Peti Peto

There are some versions: cranes, Mt.Fuji, penguins, etc.

Search the name in Rakuten, Amazon or Yahoo Shopping to see which one you would like!
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Spinning top in Japan is at the same time a souvenir, an interior decoration and an interesting toy.

And Kyoto spinning top – one of the oldest types of Japanese tops – is especially popular here.

Kyoto spinning top was born back in the heyday of the aristocracy in Japan.

It is said that Court Ladies in the Imperial Palace made the top by wrapping kimono cloth on the bamboo stick.

Over time, Kyoto spinning top began to spread among the common people of the city.

As most of Kyoto-born items, Kyoto spinning top is both cute and refined.

Now it continues to be popular among foreigners and Japanese alike.

This is not surprising - after all the tops can simultaneously be used as interesting souvenirs, bright interior stuff, and fun, unusual toys.

Children playing with Kyoto spinning top

One of the unique features of Kyoto spinning top is a method of its manufacturing.

Kyoto spinning top is made of bamboo stick covered with coloured wood tape.

Another characteristic feature of the Kyoto spinning top is its bright colour palette.

Because of this it immediately catches the eye, and can be used as an extraordinary decoration.

It is also popular among children - it is fun to watch bright colours succeeding each other while top is spinning around its axis.

Kyoto spinning tops, which are used as toys and interior decoration during New Year holidays

In Japan, Kyoto spinning top is popular as a toy not only among children but also among adults.

Indeed, as mentioned above, from the very beginning of its history in Japan top was used for entertainment in the palace court.

And in our time as well, the adult Japanese play traditional spinning top games during New Year or other traditional holidays.

Please, purchase traditional Kyoto spinning top here

There are lots of types of Kyoto spinning top with a variety of colour options.

Among Japanese customers the most popular are the sets of three small, but different size tops.

They are so much fun in a company of friends! In addition, these tops are much cheaper than separate small tops.

Please, purchase the set above here

On a nearby shelf to a small spinning top in Japanese stores is sold a large spinning top.

Most often it is used for interior decoration, since its size is not always suitable for small children.

But sometimes adults themselves get these tops off the shelves to have fun and to remember their childhood.

Please, purchase large spinning top here

However, traditional variants of Kyoto spinning tops are not the only one popular in Japan.

There is also famous Kyoto spinning tops from a “Vegetables from Kyoto” series.

These tops are made in the form of vegetables, which are traditionally grown in the nearby areas of the city of Kyoto. Interestingly, the whirligig manufacturing method remains unchanged.

This design supposedly marks a new milestone in the history of Kyoto spinning top. There is, for example, a top, made in the form of the famous Japanese vegetable daikon (Japanese radish):

Please, purchase it here

Kyoto spinning top is so popular in Japan that the Japanese even create separate items which remind them of it.

We recommend these kanzashi (hair decoration), made in the shape of Kyoto spinning top.

Please, purchase here

Despite its long history and temporary periods of decline, Kyoto spinning top today continues to exist and develop. It surprises everyone who has ever interested in it even for a short while, with the variety of its shapes and colours.

Let's try to find your own unique Kyoto spinning top!
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Prefer sitting on the floor, but still think it’s inconvenient?! No way!

With this floor chair you will enjoy comfort paradise. Foldable all the way, this chair is available in 8 colors.

Brown, Camel, Red, Black, Cream, Olive, Navy, Orange.

If you want it to look cooler you can choose leather type of chair, which is also available in black, dark brown and cream colors.

You can also choose chair maid of the same fabric as sofa, which is very cozy in brown, green, navy and grey colors.

Great folding floor chair with ergonomic curved back support can be used both on carpet and floor.
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Cute smiling LED lights with nose ON/OFF switch button.

These lights are easy for kids to handle and can be stick to any places you like.

The point of this item, it doesnt need wiring and have enough brightness with the 6 LED lights inside.

It also can be used for reading light and the night light in the kids room.

When you feel a little dark for any places, can stick it to the wall you feel dark.

You can choose from 6 colors (Peach, Mint, Hibiscus, Cosmoblack, Dandelion, and Vanilla).

Can buy from here!
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Grab your morning mug and enjoy tasty Japanese coffee Blendy.

Blendy is original Japanese coffee brand, owned by Ajinomoto.

The characteristic of the Blendy coffee is it's deep, yet clear taste.

Due to special technology, called "T2ACMI roasting", where the time and temperature are carefully controlled, a rich, mild taste is born.

It easily melts even in cold water or milk, so now you can enjoy ice coffee or ice café au lait without any difficult preparations.

Economical and ecological bag is also happy to have.

Please, enjoy premium Japanese coffee and share your joy with your friends or colleague.
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Want to start collecting something, but not sure what exactly?

In this review, we will introduce 10 popular Japanese things among collectors around the world.


What is BE@RBRICK?

BE@RBRICK is toy, manufactured by MEDICOM TOY company.

The concept of BE@RBRICK was developed in 2001 year in Japan, when all of the world was celebrating 100 anniversary year of the Teddy bear.

This concept is "to make a Teddy Bear with digital (futuristic image)", and this is how bear-like block figure BE@RBRICK was born.

The main feature of the toy is that it consists of 9 separate parts, and is designed by simple priniting only.

The toy soon gained great popularity, and got to make numerous collaborations with famous Japanese, as well as foreign artists, brands, movies, anime and so on.

You can search for BE@RBRICK on:



-Yahoo! Auction

If you cant find the BE@RBRICK you want, please contact our Customer Support, and they will help you to find it.

2. #Gundam

What is Gundam?

Gundam are plastic models of the robots from multimedia franchise Gundam.

They are mostly produced by Bandai, and have a large fanbase both inside the country, and overseas.

You can search for the Gundam plastic models:

-on Rakuten

-on Amazon

-on Bandai

If you cant find Gundam model you want, please contact our Customer Support, and they will help you to find it.

3. #OnePiece

One Piece is famous Japanese manga and anime series.

It is/was easily one of the most popular manga series in Japan.

Nowadays, they sell a lot of various goods, connected with One Piece.

If you are One Piece fan, or if you wish to collect One Piece-themed items, please search it:



-Yahoo Shopping

We have a lot of other store, featured on our website.

Other stores

4. #MiniCarModels

Rare and limited edition car models are very popular among collectors.

Please, purchase on:

- Rakuten

- Amazon

- Yahoo! Auction

- In other stores

5. #Bishojo figures

Bishoujo means "beautiful girl" in Japanese.

Bishoujo figures are usually heroine of the famous anime, manga, game or other media.

You can purchase bishoujo figurine from various websites:

- Rakuten

- Amazon

- Surugaya

- Animate

- Or other stores

6. #Nendoroid

Nendoroid is a figurine Series, produced by Good Smile Company.

The main features of the figure are:

- It is deformed so, that its head is almost same size as the body.

- It is highly moveable, with numerous possible variations for outfit and face.

You can purchase various famous characters in the cute Nendoroid version.

At the moment, there are about 600 different types of the Nendoroid figures, which makes it very appealing for the collectors.

Please, purchase cute Nendoroid here:

- Rakuten

- Amazon

- Yahoo! Shopping

Or ask customer support to help you.

7. #Fan goods

You can purchase a variety of fan goods of your favourite bands, artist, idol etc in Japan.

The popular choices are Scandal, AKB48 and other.

The fan goods might be T-shirt, photo collection, bags, accessory.

It is easy to use our site for searching fan goods of your liking, although you can do it through third-party site as well, and add to the link to ZenMarket later.

- Search Rakuten through ZenMarket

- Search Amazon through ZenMarket

- Search in Other stores

8. Japanese Army Medals

Japanese Old Army Medals are another popular choices among the collector from all over the world.

They are very beautiful, and many of them are rare and valuable.

Nowadays, you can easily find very rare medals at Yahoo! Auctions for a reasonable price.

- Search Yahoo! Auctions for Army Medals

If you copy and paste the link of item in ZenMarket search field, you will be able to see translated description of the item, as well as various important information about it.

9. #G-shock

Casio's G-Shock series are well-known and popular among watch-lovers and collectors all over the world.

Their collection is updated every month, and there are also a lot of limited version models, so it is best to purchase them straight from Japan.

- GA-100CF-1A9JF


- GWG-1000-1A3JF

- Other G-Shock models on Rakuten

- Other G-Shock models on Amazon

- G-Shock in Other stores

For ladies, we recommend Baby-G Series.

- Baby-G Tripper Solar MSG-3200C-4BJF

- BABY-G BGD-5000-1JF

- Other Baby-G models on Rakuten

- Other Baby-G models on Amazon

10. #JapaneseFountainPens

Japanese Fountain Pens are renowned for their extraordinary quality, and beautiful design.

That is why many fountain pen collectors from abroad value Japan-made fountain pens over any other.
We recommend Nakaya Fountain Pen, because in our opinion, it one of the best fountain pen manufacturers out there.
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It is believed that the first umbrella was brought to Japan during the reign on emperor Kinmei in 552 by the king’s Seong of Baekje messenger.

At first it had a form of a hat with a canopy, serving not like a rain wear, but rather like a sunshade and protection from evil.

It used to be an exclusively aristocrats’ accessory, symbolizing power and authority.

However, as the time passed, a concept of umbrella has undergone some changes, got localized and started to be used as a rain protection, too.

Some scrolls dating back to 14th century depict noblesse with big umbrellas. However, at that time umbrellas were used only in an opened state and couldn’t be closed.

The technology to actually close an umbrella was developed in Azuchi-Momoyama period (end of 16 century), but became widely used in the latter half of the Edo period (1603 – 1868).

As an evidence of the fact that umbrella became a daily necessity item, it appears on many traditional ukiyo-e paintings of the Edo period.

Painting by Utagawa Hiroshige depicts sudden rain

In movies and plays ronins (samurais without a master) often make umbrellas as a side job.

In fact, there are some documents which prove that by the end of the Edo period, when financial situation of the clans has become difficult, even samurais of the lower ranks were making umbrellas in order to improve their clan’s state of affairs.

Umbrellas have undergone a long path of various improvements to become an integral part of the traditional culture, an item embodying Japanese aesthetics.

For example, check this collection of 24 bone umbrellas with Japanese style patterns:

They are very light, yet strong.

Size: 60cm

Materials: 100% polyester, Teflon coating, glass fiber, wooden handle

Brand name: mabu
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Japan Shopping Service. All Japanese stuff at one place.
Welcome to Japan Shopping Service! is a shopping service. Most of Japanese shops don't ship internationally. We solve this problem, we buy and deliver Japanese goods for you. We started with providing shopping service for Russian clients in 2013. Thousands of satisfied customers convinced us that our service is real value. In 2014 we launched the English version. Now we are shipping all over the world. Our goal is to make buying Japanese goods online as smooth as possible. We have integrated the biggest Japanese online shopping malls: Rakuten, Amazon, but you can buy from any Japanese online shops with us. Just add an item link to the cart and place an order. You can use as your consolidated Shopping Cart for all Japanese shops.

Customers like our service because:

It's cheap

We have the lowest service fee on the market. We charge only 300 JPY (3$) per item. Buying with us is even cheaper than using mail-forwarding services.

Free consolidation and repacking

Package consolidation and repacking is included in our service fee.

Free shopping assistance

Sometimes it is hard to find the right item. We will gladly help you with searching and will answer all your questions.

Only one payment

After you place an order, we will send you a confirmation with a bill to pay. You don't have to deposit funds or withdraw them later from your shopping account. To make things simple, there is only one payment.

Flexible shipping methods

We ship to all countries. Although EMS is the most popular shipping method, Japanese EMS can't be used for a number of countries. We use a variety of shipping methods to assure your purchased items are delivered to your home safely. For EMS, SAL and Avia we cover the shipping insurance, so you can save even more.

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