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Nerd. Vaguely South African.
Nerd. Vaguely South African.

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Now watch that video again, and imagine this creature staring at you from the far side of the River Styx, screeching into the gloom as its black, empty eyes stare into your soul, the soul it will eventually, inevitably devour.

+Ashley Fournet
The pandas aren’t the only animals that are fluffy and adorable. Nothing for me to do with this fuzzball, but it’s fun to check in on how the milky eagle owl chick is doing. While sometimes the vet staff has to help with chicks, our bird staff really know their stuff. So today I just have to determine how cute he is … you know, for science. #TakeoverTuesday – Dr. Dan, Vet Resident

+Ed S do you know if there are any plans to give the Visual6502 treatment to the 65C02? I'd really love to do the same kind of of testing with emulators of the 65C02 that Perfect6502 allows with the 6502. For instance, in my emulator, I ran Klaus Dormann's test suite in parallel in my emulator and (a Go port of) Perfect6502, checking that all memory reads and writes were cycle-accurate…

Dear Googler friends. This is trivial, but I'm trying to find the meme that was popular inside Google that shows Lisa Simpson being told that some silly fix will solve a problem ONCE AND FOR ALL! Can anyone remember it, or look it up under popular memes, and send me the exact wording? Thanks!

Also, Hi and how are things going these days? :-)

+Brian Palmer +Blake Livingston +Charlie Nolan +tom denton

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After thoroughly disliking "Use of Weapons" a few years ago, I finally gave Iain Banks another try, with "Consider Phlebas".

Meh. I liked the Culture and the World Building, and even the protagonist. But in the end it petered out and failed to sustain its own weight.

Better than "Use of Weapons", which built and built and built and built to a "The Horror! The Horror!" scene that was at once distasteful, obvious, and somehow anticlimactic.

Are all the books like this, Tragedies, where the darkness overshadows the light, the nasty bits most forcefully written? Maybe if I went in with that expectation… or maybe I'm missing something?

First day of orientation at completed. Interesting (non-confidential) things I noticed; this is in comparison to Google, my last employer:

- so far, a complete (and welcome) absence of the subtle (or not) eng/non-eng class distinction. Yay!
- go/ links :-) - people can articulate, and seem to really believe in, the core values.

Definitely a great first day!  :-)

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Nerd music.

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Sharing on G+ so that I can find them again :-)
May 12, 2015
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The universe of YouTube covers of popular songs is an interesting place. And we are funny creatures. Check this one out: I don't think there's any better way to explain what's going on here to an alien anthropologist than, "humans just like to sing together."

ps. pro tip for YouTube coverers: the piano track on Sam Smith's "Stay with me" has exactly the right amount of notes. It doesn't get better if you add more, and learning the discipline of playing it well sparely, though harder, will be good for you :-)
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