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What's the difference between JavaScript and Java?

One is essentially a toy, designed for writing small pieces of code, and traditionally used and abused by inexperienced programmers.

The other is a scripting language for web browsers.

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Yes, that's very relevant.
JavaScript is a language designed for non-programmers. Java is a languaged designed for mediocre programmers. C++ is a language designed for good programmers who got tired of the verbosity of C.

It's quite easy for a poorly designed program may be faster in Java than in C++, or faster in C than C++.

btw, that Java-vs-C benchmark is pretty old.

The one valid point for Java is that it uses block allocation ... but if you care about that kind of performance, you should be using a custom allocator anyway.
Interesting how this nice quote turned into a Java vs. C debate. The reason I think Java is slow is because any application I used that was written in Java was always sluggish and a memory hog. This even extended to my own small tile map editor, which is now blown away by a new version I wrote in C++/Qt.

As for JavaScript... I still have to get used to it, but its flexibility seems to be comparable to Lua. And I see the same kind of struggles to shape it into something familiar, especially regarding OOP. And similarly to Lua, I'm missing proper editing tools that exist for Java, C++ and ActionScript, which I guess is mainly because it lacks static typing.
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