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Afzal Guru’s case is far more delicate than that of Kasab, whose execution received no response in Kashmir. Guru being a Kashmiri, his affair assumes an altogether different significance. Guru’s hanging is an emotive issue and would create a major upheaval in Kashmir. But that is not the only reason why Guru should not be hanged. While there is merit in the argument of doing away with capital punishment altogether, Afzal Guru’s crime is far too less to deserve it. Unlike Kasab, who was caught on camera with a gun, while on a killing spree, Guru’s guilt was never proved. There is only circumstantial evidence against him, that too not of killing people and attacking the parliament but being party to the conspiracy. In fact, Guru, who never got a lawyer to defend himself was not even heard. Whatever he forwarded as part of the statement, revealing that he was a surrendered militant and was working at the behest of some officers of the Special Operations Group of Jammu and Kashmir police, was not even admitted by the court while deciding the case. Guru may have been lying through his teeth but his statement was never verified or interrogated, amounting not only to injustice against him but also injustice to the public, who have a right to know whether indeed their law keepers can manipulate lesser mortals like Afzal Guru, co-opt them into doing the dirty job of perpetuating violence and then sacrifice them at the altar of what would be construed as justice from a rather Statist point of view
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