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You can never be too prepared for the unknown. In many different TV shows and movies  like The Walking Dead, War of the Worlds, World War Z and others, keep the reality of zombies and aliens knocking on our doors. If you are looking to prepare yourself for the unknown, Zee Medical has first aid kits in North Carolina you could find use from. When you shop online on our informative website, you will find that we have many different sized kits of medical gear available to keep you ready for anything. You never know when disaster can strike, and just in case, you should be prepared.

Around the world there have been many flash floods, tornadoes, terrifying severe hail storms and earthquakes.  If you are not prepared for these said disasters, you could end up being hurt without any way to treat yourself. To stay prepared for normal scrapes and cuts that kids seem to experience on a day to day basis, we recommend staying stocked with our Standard Truck Kit. This kit is not only a bestseller, but it is durable and perfect for any vehicle or medicine cabinet at home. It comes with bandaids, eyewash, disposable forceps, tape, gauze, compress materials, and ice packs. To learn more about this reliable first aid kit in North Carolina, we invite you to visit us online now and search through the variety of medical kits we have available to you. Have questions? Visit us online and contact us!
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Do you know if you are prepared for an emergency situation? When the time calls, you should have all of the supplies you need in case of a disaster. No one ever knows what is going to happen in the next five minutes of their life. If you are someone who lives on the edge and likes to take risks, make sure you have something to back up your lifestyle. 

What is it that you love to do in North Carolina? Do you like to rock climb, hike or spend time doing other outdoorsy activities? If so, you should stay prepared for the unknown future. When you have one of our first aid kits on hand, you can rest easy at night knowing that you will be and more importantly are prepared for what’s to come. 

Do you wish you had the superpower to know what is about to happen? Some people do, some people don’t. No matter what your opinion is, having a first aid kit to help prepare for the unexpected in North Carolina, could end up saving your life. When you shop online at Zee Medical, you will have the chance to explore medical kits for eye care, burn care, antiseptics and general first aid. The next time you are preparing for a trip, having a party or just hanging around your home, buy a first aid kit from Zee Medical and be prepared for the unknown. Visit us online now and start searching for the perfect kid that will fit your lifestyle!
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If you’ve been waiting for the last 5 medical kit items you don’t want to be caught with out, you’re in the right place! Here is the last 6 of 10 items you should always have in your medical kits in North Carolina:
Scissors and Tweezers- You never want to be caught without this in your first aid kit. You will never know when you need to cut clothing, bandages, tape, and/or ropes. 
Antihistamines- If you’ve been stung by a bee and you’re allergic, don’t get caught without a defense. Having these in your bag can help you overcome an allergic reaction that could be deadly. 
Saline Solution/Eye Wash- Don’t be caught in a situation where you can’t clean out your eyes! If you don’t have any water available to you, a saline or eyewash solution is a must have to wash out your eyes. 
Safety Pins- These bad boys can help get out thorns, splinters, and keep your wounds bandaged. 
 Duct Tape- Duct tape has many uses that you’ve probably never heard of. If you’re caught in a bad situation, we are sure duct tape could help. 
If you are looking for a first aid kits that have all of these items, you’ve come to the right place. Visit Zee Medical online today and take a look at all of our first aid kits online now! Be sure to keep following Zee Medical for more tips on how to make your medical kit one that can help you survive anything! 
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Are you wanting to get a first aid kit for your home, car or hiking pack in North Carolina? There are many great benefits to having a first aid kit on hand. Not only that, but if you are prepared when disaster strikes, you’ll be more likely to be “a-okay.” So, do you know what you should have packed in your first aid kit? Here is a list of the first 5 of 10 items you should always have on hand in your versatile first aid kit:
Flashlight-Though this may be an unusual piece of equipment to have in your first aid kit, you never know when the lights will go out and you aren’t sure how big a cut is or where you’re bleeding from. A flash light will illuminate wherever you need it to!
Hand Sanitizer- If you’re the one who is cleaning up someone elses injuries and you have no water available, clean off your dirty hands with hand sanitizer.
Poison Ivy Wash- If you’re a big hiker, this is a must! You don’t want to be stuck without an act-fast wash to rid your body from a terrible rash. 
Water Purification Tablets- You will never know when you won’t have water until it is too late. If there is a flood, a fire, or you end up lost in the woods, water is a must! 
Cold/Hot Packs- Having these packs in your first aid kit will allow you to cool down a swollen muscle and help with pain. Heat is also beneficial to ease pain!
This list is a great place to start when you are preparing a medical kit. Be sure to check out our next post! 
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Want to be prepared in case an emergency strikes? If you shop at Zee Medical and invest in a reliable first aid station that has all of the supplies you need, you can be confident that you will be prepared for any emergency situation you find yourself in. 

If you are in need of a first aid kit and need to get equipped, give us a visit online.  We have many different first aid kits that are able to suit many different needs.  Different first aid kits include travel kits, kits for home, and trucks. All of these kits have the necessities to give you a small first aid station to attend to an injury. The smaller kits that we have are very convenient and can provide you with on the spot care to small cuts and injuries.  If you are wanted to take a look at our first aid kit that packs items for any emergency you would have, big or small, we have the first aid supplies you are looking for.  A great kit is the First Responder Kit.  This kit has everything you need to handle any emergencies, minor or major.  All of the supplies are kept in a durable nylon bag to keep everything together, dry and organized. 

We invite you to visit us online now to take a look at all of the other supplies we have to keep you happy and healthy. Different supplies you will find include Safety, Sanitation, First Aid, and Kits & Cabinets. 
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Are you looking to be prepared with a first aid kit and supplies for when an accident suddenly happens? Here at Zee Medical we have all of the first aid supplies you need to make your very own first aid station that is prepared for anything.

Let face it, accidents happen. The question that you need to ask yourself is if you are prepared at a moments notice if an unpredictable accident does occur.  If you have one of our first aid kits handy, we are sure you will be able to function calmly knowing everything you need is in our kit. Our first aid stations that we have available are unlike any other. We have first aid kits for when you are traveling, for your car, for your home and even your office building. If you’re looking for the best first aid kit out there the First Responder Kit is the one for you. This kit is fully equipped with all of the necessary items to deal with any minor and major injuries or emergencies that you run into. We know that if you run into an emergency or disaster in your neck of the woods, you will be covered and good to go. 

Want something a little more low key to handle all of your cuts and scrapes? Our Standard Truck Kit is less expensive and is one of our best sellers. This medical kit is encased in a durable metal kit to provide the protection you need, when you need it most. Visit us online now to view all of our first aid kits!
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Who else saw the Zee Medical sign (#2249) on the Halftime Show at the Big Game (XLVIII) in January?  This is a Military Service Member dedicating the next Bruno Mars song to his family member(s).
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Remember to post your OSHA Form 300A the Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses during the months of February, March and April.
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