+Mun Kao and I made these zines, a while back. We've just reprinted them. I've just lugged home a stack.

If you are interested in getting these zines, PM me your address. I'll mail them to you!

A set is USD13. Plus shipping, that'll be USD19 for North America / Europe and USD 17 for Australasia. I'm not sure about elsewhere, but I'll find out at the post office. I've got a Paypal account.

Edit: on one of my last trips to the post office, they told me that I should be mailing these under a different (and more expensive) package category. So, the zines will cost USD26, to the US / Europe; and USD21 to Australia / NZ.


MR-KR-GR is about a kingdom ruled by crocodiles. It has gods trapped in their idols; a half-sword adventurer; and inter-species romance.

KRACHING is about a valley run by cats. It has feline ninjas; insect witches; and love potions made from powdered cat poop.

DRAWINGS (PART ONE) is a full zine of drawings by Mun Kao for his "A Thousand Thousand Islands" project. The drawings are, frankly, brilliant.

HANTU! is basically my musings about the way ghosts are, in my context (the Nusantara), and how I relate to them. Also, there are some ghosts, plus the Malaysian Hantu Generator random-tables I made them with.


They are Southeast Asian in theme, because the project they are part of - "A Thousand Thousand Islands" ( https://www.patreon.com/athousandthousandislands/posts ) - is Mun Kao's attempt to visually imagine SEA myth / history / fantasy beyond just the generic jungle+snakes+stupas=done.

These zines are prose plus images plus some random tables. They don't have any rules, and aren't tabletop-ready. I like to think they are RPG-adjacent, though, because that's how I wrote them.


Some reviews!

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