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Writer, and stuff.
Writer, and stuff.


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I basically use my real name everywhere. Feel free to add me!

Twitter: @zedecksiew

(Though if you add me at these places you'll get a lot of personal-life noise, since this is where all my IRL Malaysian friends are.)

Discord: zedeck.siew #4237
Reddit: u/zedecksiew

(Discord's real good for games, but I can't really follow / keep up with its IRC-like chat interface. Also, because it's basically people talking in real time, folks like me - ie: on the wrong hemisphere - get mega-shafted when it comes to discussion.) (This is true for Twitter, also.)

(I've basically never used Reddit ever, though. Should I?)


I leave for one weekend and now G+ is dead. Ugh.

Wonky as this place is, I love it. I liked having a RPG-specific social network, instanced away from the noise of my life. DIY D&D here has all the creators I respect + generative discussion + the funnest games I've been in.

(Though Hangouts will still be around?)


Are people decamping to any place in particular? Hate for this community to split into game- / retroclone-specific islands.

What's MeWe? What's Mastodon?
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As the last adventure went out, it dawned on me that I've been doing this for five years. There are now 48 separate adventures.

Even though I've only really had one pledge tier, a bunch of people had made up their own pledge amounts (!). It's high time I made new tiers to better recognize them.
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This is likely the last personal blog post I'll share in this collection as G+ winds down.

It's about talking online.

It talks about the first few proper trolls I've experienced on Twitter. It's about me learning that it's important to behave and communicate online as though we're in a public space, face-to-face.

I don't go into the details of who and why in the post itself - it's a bit more general than that and talks a lot more about my mother and how she got me started in art.

Before I encountered the G+ OSR community, I thought all online places were dark, terrifying jungles, where some troll could run out of nowhere, savage you, and run off - unhurt, unharmed.

Of the people here, +Zak Sabbath was the first person I met to consistently and explicitly articulate a position of respect and decency in online interactions that closely matches what my mother and my grandmother taught me about interactions offline. Don't lie. Don't abuse. Don't accept lies and abuse. Don't be a bystander. But also, if you make a mistake, apologize. Learn. Do better.

Is this hard work?

Yes. It hurts the ego. It is uncomfortable to step back and apologize when we make mistakes or hurt other people. It is uncomfortable to admit fault. It is also uncomfortable to stand up, whether you are the victim or the bystander, and say, "stop. What you are doing is wrong. Why are you doing that? Why are you hurting that person?"

For a long time I tried to protect myself by avoiding conflict and hiding. It didn't work. When I was harassed by my first boss in Switzerland, I was powerless - a migrant in a foreign country, I could be dismissed at will and sent packing. When the second boss of that office in Switzerland, a serial harasser, started to make his mark, attacking one coworker after another. I stood up against him. I failed. Many other employees were silent. The CEO failed to protect me as the board took the abuser's side. In the end, I got out. I was hurt, but proud to have stood up and done something. Even if I failed.

Online, some of us are stronger, others are weaker. Some of us can do more, some of us can do less. But all of us, together, maintaining a respectful community can, indeed, do a lot.

It's ok for us to disagree, even fundamentally. We may have different ideologies and different upbgringings, different goals and different desires. But so long as we stand together for certain standards of behavior and responsibility, we are a good community.

The OSR has seen its share of dramas, there have been very public tiffs and screaming.

But let me be quite clear, it has over all been in my experience the most net positive, respectful, and friendly online community I have ever found.

This was not the work of one person, this was not work evenly distributed, but it was work nonetheless, and good work.

I very much hope we are able to maintain this even after G+ goes down.

Thanks, folks. Whether you're rolling d20s or heretical 3d6s, you're good folks.

P.S. - +K Yani - you asked me to tag you on this!
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A friend recently rolled on my Malaysian Hantu Generator. Been off my writing / work bike for weeks now - so took those results as a prompt to get back on and start pedaling again.

Here's a simple "there's a tap on your window but you live in a high-rise apartment"-style ghost story, featuring dead babies and creepy animal signs and all that typical hantu stuff.
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If you will, I am also on Instagram which I believe is a portmanteau of installation and pentagram.
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So I've been having a lot of translation-y fun with a school textbook about classical Malay texts, these last coupla days:

" Once there was a man of power who could transform himself into a myriad shapes. This man was very jealous, and whenever he traveled he would turn himself into an elephant, forcing his wife to ride upon his back. Thus he would journey to and fro, always fearful his wife would get up to mischief.

One day, the elephant arrived at a field, and in the middle of this field was a tree, whose branches hung low with much shade. And it so happened that I was sheltering under this tree. When the elephant approached, I fled up the tree trunk to hide. And the woman on the elephant’s back looked up at the tree, and spotted me.

She waved at me. And I signaled back, indicating with a look that I was afraid of the elephant. But she said: ‘Don’t worry, the creature is insensate, it is drunk.’

So I climbed down carefully to where the woman was, and frolicked with her for a time upon the elephant’s back. And when we were done, the woman removed the length of rope about her waist, showing it to me. The rope was knotted: thirty-nine knots in all.

I asked her: ‘What does this rope mean?’

She replied: ‘Were you not aware that this elephant is my husband? He is such a jealous man he would not trust me. He turns himself into an elephant, and forces me to ride on his back, when we travel. So for this reason I betray him - thirty-nine men have I invited upon his back. And with you now the number is forty.’

As soon as I heard her explanation I fled back up the tree, and the elephant awoke, and continued on. "
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"Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga" -> literally, more or less: "You fell off, then the ladder falls on you." -> a Malay aphorism about how misfortunes tend to come all at once.

Will miss G+.
Last round at Jeepla’s.

Small, powerfully-built smiling man in glasses. Masseur's hands and fists, Shaolin-monk air. Armed with a stepladder.

This one is +Zedeck Siew ‘s - the first and nicest Malaysian rpgamer it’s ever been my pleasure to meet and play with. Good times we had on G+, yes.
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Here's a review of Mothership. I gush a little? But I think everybody has been gushing about Mothership.

Was going to make a point about Dead Planet being the best intro adventure to a new system ever published -- intro adventures to new systems generally being shit -- but didn't know whether +Sean McCoy et al consider it an intro-adventure book.
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The End Is Nigh - Last Round, Folks, Last Round

I'm doing one last round of commissions for you good folks of G+, cutting my rates down for a hero to join Pointyhelmet by about 50% - that's $20.18 per hero.

Those who are up for it, I'll take the characters and make an "end-of-jeepla's-book" and put it up for free on DTRPG. Those who just want them for themselves or for a gift for their friends, that's cool too.

And the money, well ... everybody can use money to drown their sorrows ... er ... buy presents ... in the festive season, can they not?

The easiest way to join is to fill out the form:

But you can also email me and stuff. And you can share this post around, too.

Once more around the bar, folks, once more rolling around the bar.


Here's the full text:

I kept putting it off and putting it off. I didn't want to really open up commissions for all my G+ OSROWHY (old school r? or what have you) friends. At first, because I felt like I just wasn't an artist. Later, because I felt like I just needed to get a few more things done.
Finally ... we're out of time. April, they say now. But who's to say: it might be boxing day when it all fades away.
It was on G+ where I, from 2013 to 2016, discovered the first audience for my drawings, and where from 2016 till today you followed as I embarked on my five-year-plan* to actually get good at drawing.
Not there yet, no. Another excuse to procrastinate.
Well, it's too late.
One last round.

Describe your hero in the form below or with an email to wizardthieffighter @ Can't afford it right now? No problem - this is the OSR, we can do it on trust. Wan't to buy an extra round of characters for your buddies? Fine. Buy three, get one free (but that's tops - no getting 20 characters for yourself!) Got a pet? Sure, I'll throw it in. Rights? Basic non-commercial stuff. Payment via PayPal and I'll let you know the address after I know if the character is doable. Total number of heroes drawn subject to my time and my wrist. —Luka

Form again:
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