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We help you thrive in what you do.
We help you thrive in what you do.


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How do you schedule your Team Meetings?

Scheduling a meeting with a large team can be a tiresome process. Yes, you can always go the route of picking the time of your choice, but what if your team operates remotely? And what if you want them all present on the meeting?

Imagine having a team of people from all around the globe. How would you pick a time that suits all of them?

Well, the good part is someone has identified this issue before, and there are apps available that make the process less stressful.

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SEO anyone can use?

There are SEO techniques anyone can use, regardless of the person's skill level.

Our two cents: be wise when doing SEO, it's a long term strategy so pick what you do carefully.

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Project Management Tools

A popular phrase related to project management is: A project management's knowledge is mile wide and an inch deep.

It means a good project manager has to have a good overview of all sections of a project. To do that, you need great tools as well.

Here's a list of some that make the whole process easier.

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Happy New Year 2015.!

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Is your website SEO friendly?

SEO optimisation is a costly process, even if you choose a cheaper agency, it will take time to get the rankings you deserve.

A good step towards being SEO friendly is covering the basics of on-page SEO.

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What payment method will you integrate with your website?

Here are a few different payment methods by popularity.

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A new year's resolution - Change your accountant?

Is yours doing the best job for your needs?

If you're planning to go fresh in the new year, think about your accounting as well.

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How good are you at setting appointments?

Setting an appointment is not something that is done with ease. But if you have to set appointments with your customers, it has to be done easily, and more importantly - in a quality manner.

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Is finance on the list of your New Year resolutions?

Regardless if New Year is the time to make a difference, and if all resolutions really help your business, the holidays are a perfect time to relax, take a moment to look back on your business and decide some new steps.

And finance should be present on any list. Even if it's only in the fine print.

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Bootstrapped vs. Funded Startups

What is the better route to go when raising your startup?

An article from a person "responsible" for raising more than a few startups, from each side of the coin.
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