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Zarah Dominguez
I try to write stuff for Android phones.
I try to write stuff for Android phones.

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It's the GDG Sydney DevFest next week! Have you gotten your ticket yet? We have talks on machine learning, mobile, technical leadership, and lots more!

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Thank you for having me, DevFest Melbourne! Here are the slides to my @{app.plaid} talk:

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I invaded the Fragmented podcast this week and talked about instant apps! #AndroidDev

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See you there!
Australia's Google Cloud Platform region has arrived!

In conjunction with this launch, we will be discussing interesting GCP features in our upcoming meetup. Hear anything and everything GCP, from what it means to be "serverless" to bike share data analysis.

To make the most use of your time, come with questions, mingle, and interact with our speakers from all around the globe! Limited seats available.

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I wrote a short post on view inflation and respecting your parent(s). #AndroidDev

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Domain launched an instant app! Read about our journey here on our tech blog. #AndroidDev

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I wrote a post about how it takes a lot of effort to make something look effortless AKA my tech talk preparation process.

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Gave a talk about learning data binding through Plaid at +Droidcon Vietnamโ€‹. If you have doubts on how to start using data binding, maybe these could help. ๐Ÿ™‚ Feel free to ask questions! #AndroidDev

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Sharing is Caring. Or: how to surface a preferred Intent when creating an Intent.chooser(). #androiddev
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