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Zara TracesOfPolish
A nail art enthusiast with a weakness for bold and bright shades
A nail art enthusiast with a weakness for bold and bright shades

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Mermaid Nails
I've decided to take a little summer vacation from the blog. The coming month I will update rarely but I plan on being back to my regular twice per week schedule in mid August at the latest. What better manicure to share than a mermaid inspired look before ...

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Mountain Nails
I'm back from my conference and naturally have mountain nails to show today. Sadly I was not successful in climbing the mountain that was part of our conference agenda. It was simply too steep for me with the pace the guide set for our ascent. But, at least...

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Discreet Holo Nails
A scheduled post while I'm away on my conference/mountain hike. I wore this manicure last weekend when I needed something that would look okay even after four days, hence the discreet colour scheme. Polishes used: OPI My Vampire is Buff and Color Club Cosmi...

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Blue Stamping and Glitter
Tomorrow I leave for my company's summer conference. The unusual part is that we are doing that at the base of Sweden's highest mountain, Kebnekaise that we will also climb. It's a bit of a crazy thing to do when there are roughly 100 people of varying fitn...

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Summer Neon Gradient Nail Art
Tomorrow is the Swedish celebration of the summer solstice and I wish I hadn't worn this manicure two weeks ago and instead was wearing it now! I have minimal plans for this holiday/long weekend and am so happy about it. The last couple of weeks have been i...

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Neon Gold Nails
In a post a few weeks back I mentioned I wanted to wear neons and gold, this is the manicure that came out of that urge. The look is inspired by Nina Park (ninanailedit on IG). A great style for summer, and fairly easy to do on both hands! I did struggle a ...

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Purple Heart Nails
Do you have a distinct favourite colour? I don't and I don't know many people that do. One exception is my mother who adores purple and will pick it over any other colour. Naturally I always think of her when I wear purple nails such as these! This is more ...

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Geometric Nails
I've had an unusually early start to my Sunday today. Feels great to have had breakfast and done other things already by 930 and now having the rest of the day to enjoy the relative sunshine! I will for sure paint my nails later today, as my current manicur...

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Henna Stained Nails
I got the urge to combine brown and pink the other day, this is how it turned out! The brown stamping ended up paler than I had anticipated which reminds me a bit of henna, but with a holo touch. I enjoyed this manicure as a nice contrast to the bolder pink...

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Easy Dry Brush and Foil Nails
Finally some new nails! I created this design based on some inspiration from So Nailicious . This style might not be for everyone (I'm pretty sure my sister would hate it!), but I enjoyed it a lot! Something that I particularly liked was that it gave me the...
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