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Your Voice in Words - Semantic Writing
Your Voice in Words - Semantic Writing

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How To Write Content for Buyer Intent

The words you use in your content still have significance, but in a different way. Words written in natural language to answer customer questions, allow your site visitors to understand your products and services and lead them toward a purchase. The vocabulary you use for your business reflects your understanding of customer need.

If your content is about you, your product, or service without filling a need, the text is just taking up space. The text may feed your ego, but if it doesn’t address client concerns your site visitor will skim, skip, or leave the page.

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How to Use Interstitials on Mobile without Hurting Your SEO Rankings
Some clarity on pop-ups and interstitials and how Google views their use.
_Google won’t just downrank your site because you try to acquire some email addresses of your visitors – they know you have to do that.

Instead, they downrank you if you don’t do everything you can to not do this without hurting the user experience too much._

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Writers Newsletter
Essential novel writing tips (extra good read)
Prologues - what works and what doesn't work
Key publishing statistics
and more...

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When Writer Fear Strikes
You Are Not Alone

Every writer goes through fear at some point. That pit-in-the-stomach, I’m-not-good-enough, my-story-sucks, no-one-will-ever-read-this fear blasts strike all writers. Creativity rides the emotional rollercoaster. Creativity is risk taking. Yes, successful, multi-book authors have the same fears.

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The Semantic Web Through the Eyes of a Content Writer
+Teodora Petkova delves into the interconnectedness of human and machine readers.

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Zara Altair commented on a post on Blogger.
Among is even better for connectivity than between. :)

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Semantic Writing Newsletter
Weak words kill
Blogging is not for traffic...
Point of view marketing
and more...

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Weak Words Kill Experiences
H/T +Cassius Kiani
Clear content is based on clear and precise writing. Weak words take away from the strength of your message.
Identify weak words and eliminate them.

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So You Want To Be A Writer?
Essential tips for aspiring novelists and those in the midst of writing.

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Pistachio Truffles

Bittersweet chocolate, pistachios, cognac, cream, coconut oil combine in tasty morsels. Not a smidgeon of click-bait gluten.

A suitable craving substitute if gelato pistacchio is not readily available. Here's your Italian lesson for the day, just in case you are curious. How to pronounce pistacchio

A perfect morsel to nibble while zooming down the numerous rabbit holes in +David Amerland's Sunday Read Curiosity.

And a link to +George Kozi's Only One Thing Matters

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