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We put the APP in Zappos!
We put the APP in Zappos!

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Did you know that you can get our app upgrades before ANYONE else?? You can! We push out builds to our beta community as soon our developers think they're stable enough for you to use. 

It's free to join, and free to be a part of. Just join the community and click the link "Opt in or out of testing" and you're set!

We strongly encourage feedback in our beta community, so if you're interested in mobile commerce we'd love to hear your thoughts on our app (and other shopping apps too!).

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Maybe want to intern with us this summer? We have openings, and we'll be answering your questions with our HR department on February 6, 2014 at 1PM pacific time! Join us! 

(but don't ask any hard questions, like what the meaning of life is, or what an imaginary number... never-mind...)

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We're featured on the Google Play store's Apps to Watch list. Hurray!

Our next big release has Daydream in it. 

What would you like to see next? Our plans include a much improved product page on phones, and a fancy new homepage for all after that. 

...and now, the old community is gone! Welcome to our new home!

As always, discussion of relevant topics (mobile shopping, shopping in general, the weather, etc) and suggestions are always encouraged. We've got three developers dedicated to making the Zappos app the best it can be, so lets keep them busy!

You shouldn't have to opt into beta testing again, but if you haven't already done so there's no time like the present. 

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We're now public! No more being all sneaky behind a private community! Check out the latest developments in our shopping app for Android, and help make it even more awesome than ever!

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Interested in testing new features in our Android app before anyone else in the world? Before even our boss? Join our android community today :)

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Hear that? That's the sound of over 200 tickets being closed... Over the last six months, we've been working hard to bring you version 3 of the Zappos Mobile android app. 

This version has hundreds of improvements (literally), and a totally new checkout and return experience. If you're on a tablet, you'll also notice new product pages and other changes throughout the app. 

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Here's a year's worth of android Play Store banners. Every banner we posted last year, in fact! I hope you love our groundhogs as much as we do :)
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Sorry for the lack of updates! We're back to say that we've updated our android app again! Version 2.7.0 is out now, with loads of new features including a fancy order tracking map and PayPal support in checkout!

Check it out in the Play Store today!
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