Yoshida Talks Character Progression With JeuxOnline

Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida looks to be attempting to take the grind out of Final Fantasy. In an interview recently posted on the French gaming website, JeuxOnline, he sat down during Japan Expo last weekend and talked a bit about character progression in the upcoming 2.0 version of Final Fantasy XIV.

“When I started working on XIV, I wanted to make the changes straight away but we couldn’t because there was a lack of contents, and also the system wasn’t ready,” Yoshida said, “but for the 2.0 version I want to make sure once you complete contents, you will get the key to level up your character, so completing content is a key to leveling up in 2.0 version.”

Read the full article here: http://zantetsuken.net/articles/yoshida-talks-character-progression-with-jeuxonline

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