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Unfortunately this cleared the Tweet/SU/+1 count (boo hoo ;)

More information:
As I have mentioned, this change was made at the request of Google's trademark department. I chose over because it rolls off the tongue easier and, as one commenter insightfully put, it is more "imperative" and sounds more "social."
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Nevertheless, well wishes and thanks for creating an awesome tool! :)
They have a department for trademark???
David T
+1 all the way to the top!
Sorry - I'm a bit confused. I've got 1.5.2 installed. With the change you're talking about do I need to update something?
SGPlus is not working for me anymore after I upgrade to Firefox 6.. No SGPlus menu at the top bar anymore..
It is my fault.. SGPlus menu is at the Firefox tab not at the google plus tab.. It is working fine..
David T
+Zane Claes, Add enhancements (mmmmm signature support (if you could set personalized signatures for specific circles that would be awesome too)).. Just think, the number of times you that you say "Support Site", you could have it as a signature in every post that you make instead so people like +Akın Karaman don't forget.
David T
+Akın Karaman yeah, I'm craving for the ability to spam my work website every time I make a post to my work circle.
The "download extension" link on your page no longer connects to the plugin...
Yeah, Mozilla is being silly again. Whenever a reviewer changes the extension status it breaks the whole download page. As soon as I can resubmit a new version (24 hrs) it will be fixed.
Does any body know what happened to Publish Sync; also mentioned in this article as SGPlus. Any clue?

I will start using your product asap. I will post my experience.
I don't like stramfied. SGPlus was better.
+Akın Karaman Sorry to hear that; Streamified should have all of the same features of SGPlus (and a lot more!) though. If something is going wrong, we always welcome feedback on our support site if you have anything in particular to tell us. 
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