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Zack Soliman
Developer, Mathematics and Computer Science student
Developer, Mathematics and Computer Science student

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For all you java programmers out there

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lol... oh Conan

Looking for resume friendly projects to do so I can get a coop internship easily. Anyone got any ideas for a first year student?

Finally got my awesome new laptop. Now time to setup eclipse CDT and start working on my homework.

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Pretty cool of +Robert Scoble to do this, I'm assuming they're all interesting so I'm currently adding all of them, it's gonna take a while.
535 developers and real techies on my really geeky geek circle

Over on +Alexander Howard's post about the Google+ suggested user list ( )+Lov Loothra asked why Google didn't have a list of developers. Probably cause they don't want to help the recruiters too much.

I'm looking for developers or people who are really technical. You know, engineers, or computer science types. Do you know someone, let me know in the comments here.

Here's how to see the 535 developers/geeks. Go to my profile at then click under "In Robert's Circles (535)" on "View all>>."

For the next three days you'll see ONLY my programmer/geeky geek circle (I love that Google+ lets me decide which circle you all can see, by the way, but I wish we had a way to make public circles that we could share). Great way to find other programmers to follow.

By the way, these are ALL active people. I don't add anybody to my list if I see they aren't active. If you see anyone who isn't active on this, let me know and I'll remove them.

This list is NOT complete yet. I still am only on "F" out of A-Z, so have a LOT more to add to it. But you can help me find more great programmers to add here. Just link them into the comments below.

Thanks, hope you enjoy these things.
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