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Zak Taccardi
I'm Zak, and I make Android apps
I'm Zak, and I make Android apps

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Looking for your next +Netflix binge? It just got easier on #AndroidTV, now with universal search.
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Absolutely beautiful.

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"We are depriving the white working classes of their means to give. As we export manufacturing jobs internationally and as we streamline labor with technology, we start moving people to the sidelines. It’s not just that they have less money, it’s that their identity asproviders is being threatened. This is why they are often so against welfare. Even if it would fix their financial situation, it would not fix their identity problems. It would hurt their dignity. While the working class is undoubtedly worried about the economy, we already know many will not vote in their economic best interests. They vote for the candidate who promises a return to dignity, and it’s not because they’re dumb. It’s because they care about their dignity more than they care about their finances."

Design for this new version is amazing. Still many bugs though!

I can no longer manually add a bill, or manually add an income amount. It has to be tied to a transaction. This is a problem for me. I use Google Wallet to send money to and from people, which Level doesn't integrate with.

Are there any plans to integrate with Google Wallet somehow?

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well, that's one good use for the pixel C
Fun fact: the Pixel C has enough magnets in it instantly turn your refrigerator into a smart fridge.

(Review here: )

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released app #3 today!

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Holy horse knuckles this election was f$%@#+g wild. Why were we not taught this in history class?

Best part - caused by a gaping hole in the Constitution, which was immediately patched up after the election. I would love to see our Congress pull that off now #thegoodolddays

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Tip: Use cold start time to make your app look much faster
This is a new technique that provides visual consistency between window preview and real content, achieving the illusion of quick start up for you app.

Cold start time is the time between user launches your app and Activity.onCreate() is called. During this period of time, the framework loads your window background as a preview of your app, and then transition into the real content of your app when it is ready.

Some pro-tips has been given on showing a primary color or your product logo as the preview, however they all lack the visual consistency because such time can be subtly short that any preview inconsistent with the app's content can become kind of a glitch.

So now with some configuration and code, you can have a consistent preview for your app.

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