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Zain Rizvi
Management Consultant with a passion for Psychology and Technology
Management Consultant with a passion for Psychology and Technology

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Dear friends, family and lurkers of G+,

Please sponsor me to be homeless on Friday night! It's going to be wet, cold and I make it extra painful by using just cardboard and a bit of plastic, sleeping on a street pavement or an empty car park. I always get a cold, it hurts like hell and trying to fend off rats at 3am who want to eat your scrap of bread that you'd been saving for breakfast is never fun.

(facebook's not a strain)
Don't wanna be just a G+ man
(love facebook's domain)
Sulking won't make you different man
Timeline may change me
But I can edit mine

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The Artist with captions....

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Only because it's his Birthday, I'm posting the gift of poetry on G+ and a picture of his inevitable reaction at the use of "gladder" in the penultimate line. Happy Birthday Ronan!

A man by the surname of Sprake
In cycling affirmed to partake
Daily he will pedal
Through fast-moving metal
Survived by the infrequent BRAKE!

His choice of Lancaster seemed facile
A commute not without it's hassle
He studied in History
(Quite why is mystery)
Perhaps an excuse to tour castles?

Starting in the IT profession
His career took a slight progression
From mail server woes
To raised drop shadows
That maintain his design obsession

So now as he turns twenty eight
and turning all homely of late
The property ladder
Will make him much gladder
As long as he can hack the wait!

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A thousand times, yes.

Did a deep clean and de-clutter of my bedroom yesterday and when I got home today, for a split second, I thought "did I get a WOMBLE?"

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I'd like to coin the following phrase before someone else steals it. Forget Off-Shoring, it's all about Off-Racing!

Dear Google,

I hear my company is suing you. Don't worry, I still love you.



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Sincerely hoping (but not holding my breath) for change. So long, Kim.

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"Dear Iran,
Please can we have our ball back?
P.S. - f*ck you.

Kind regards,

US of A"
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