The Colour Of Snow.

I'm working on 3 hours sleep today from arriving home at 6:20am after an incredible night of astro at The Remarkables look out with Dale of DK Photography & Hamish of Hamish Stubbs Photography! It was -12° celsius at the base building of the ski field, so with wind chill I think it was at least -15° up here! We spent about 3 hours shooting like crazy up here and had a few funny moments, including losing Dales camera when his bag broke and Hamish's tripod, which made for a fun walk back up the hill! As for image specs, I focus stacked the foreground and blended a 5 sec exposure into the highlights of Queenstown :) - Jordan McInally

Photography by: Jordan McInally
#milkyway #nightsky #newzealand #nature #sky #snow #winter #night
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